12 Ways You Can Save Energy This Winter

12 Ways You Can Save Energy This Winter

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As the days get colder, we start using more energy than we realize. Here are some practical ways you can stay warm and eco-friendly!

1. Keep Internal Doors Closed

By closing the doors inside your home, you can trap heat in each room and use less energy trying to warm up your house. For extra insulation, use a thick rug or towel to cover the gap underneath the door, keeping heat from escaping even more.

2. Cook to Your Advantage

Try cooking more than one meal at once when using your oven. The oven heats up every shelf, so you might as well use it to your advantage! Not only can you prep for the week, but you’ll also save energy.

3. Keep it Cozy

Even turning your thermostat down by one degree can result in energy savings. Dress a little warmer – your energy bill will thank you later!

4. Thermostat Consistency

Turning the heat on and off constantly will use more energy than if you always keep the heat consistently low. It takes a lot of energy to warm up your home, so when you turn it off that energy is going to waste.

5. Get a Winter Throw

A fuzzy blanket doesn’t just add to your winter aesthetic – it can make a huge difference on colder nights. Instead of blasting the heat, bundle up!

6. Watch Your Water Pressure

A shower head that uses a lot of pressure can use more water than a bath. Use less energy by lowering the pressure setting or getting a shower head that is energy efficient.

7. Stock Up the Fridge

A full fridge is easier to keep cool than an empty one! When food is compacted together, the fridge doesn’t need to use as much energy to keep the temperature down.

8. Air-Dry Clothes

Surprisingly, clothes hang dry rather quickly when the heat is already on! Take advantage of the energy already being used to keep your house warm to air dry clothes. Kill two birds with one stone!

9. Don’t Block the Heat

Try to keep furniture out of the way of your radiator or vents. Sofas, dressers and other items absorb the heat when they are in the way, making your room feel much colder than if the space in front of your heater was open.

10. Wash on Cold

Most of a washing machine’s energy is spent heating the water. Try washing more of your clothes on cold – this will save you significant amounts of energy and money!

11. Unplug

Remember to unplug your appliances and electronics while they aren’t being used. These “vampire plugs” continue to use electricity even when they are turned off, wasting so much energy.

12. Switch to Solar

Installing solar panels can dramatically cut your energy bills while significantly reducing your carbon footprint! Plus, homeowners can take advantage of many solar incentives and rebates to help save even more.

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