Momentum Solar CEO Arthur Souritzidis Recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30

Momentum Solar, one of the fastest growing privately-owned solar companies in the nation, is pleased to announce that CEO Arthur Souritzidis has been selected by Forbes as one of their “30 Under 30 Energy” entrepreneurs. According to Forbes, Arthur stood out as one of “The Best Minds Planning How to Power Our Country” at the impressive age of 28.

The announcement of this prestigious list comes after the year that Momentum Solar was named on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing private companies in the nation and one of Solar Power World’s Top 500 North American Solar Contractors.

“I am honored to have been named on this list among fellow energy professionals,” said Arthur. “This is an exciting accolade for me to achieve at a time when solar energy shows no signs of slowing down. I look forward to a busy and successful year for our business and teaching others about sustainability.”

Arthur joined Momentum Solar in 2010 after graduating college that same year. As an undergrad, he studied Finance in preparation for a career on Wall Street without anticipating the impending recession. He then identified solar as one of the industries showing economic growth amidst the decline, and ended up working alongside Momentum Solar Founder and President, Cameron Christensen. Arthur’s knowledge and vision helped scale the business for success, and the company ended up quadrupling their revenue in just a few months.

Momentum Solar ( is now a strong competitor in the solar installation field, and Forbes has taken notice. According to their website, “30 Under 30” is literally harder to get into than Stanford or Harvard — the acceptance rate averages less than 4%. The judges are prestigious “legends of their field” including two previous 30 Under 30 winners, and T. Boone Pickens, a legendary business magnate specializing in energy for decades.

About Momentum Solar
Momentum Solar, founded in 2009, is a top solar contractor and Inc. 5000 fastest growing private company that employs over 450 people nationwide. The company is committed to making solar panels affordable, providing savings for their clients, and helping the environment. Their team of in-house professionals has an extensive wealth of knowledge in designing customized solar power systems for both residential and commercial properties. Momentum Solar manages the entire customer lifecycle from the sale to design, engineering, permitting, installation and activation of the system to make the process simple for homeowners and business owners.

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“Green Collar” Solar Jobs Increased 25% This Year

“Green Collar” Solar Jobs Increased 25% This Year

According to the Department of Energy, the solar workforce grew 25% in 2016, adding around 73,000 new jobs. This is at a rate that’s faster than our entire economy, measuring in at 1.45% growth overall for the year. 1 out of 50 new jobs that were created in the US were in solar. Wind power is also on the rise, with 25,000 new jobs created. Over half of the jobs that were created involve, primarily, the installation of residential solar panels and then some involvement with larger arrays which shows that more and more American homeowners and business owners are going solar.

It also shows the rise of “green collar” jobs — which brings “white collar” and “blue collar” workers together — after the recession propelled a decline of manufacturing jobs in other sectors. Solar in particular proved to be a “shining light” in a down economy, seeing steady growth over the last 10 years. HVAC technicians, roofers, electricians and plumbers are strong examples of blue collar workers that can easily transition into a greener industry (with little additional school or training), and work alongside financial managers and salesmen.

Overall, let’s look at the big picture:

How does this solar job growth compare to other fuels within the energy sector? Regarding electric power generation specifically, solar accounted for 43% of the workforce in 2016, while all fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil energy) only accounted for 22%. While there has been increased use of natural gas, net generation from coal has even seen a steady 53% decline over the last 10 years and solar has expanded 5000% — over 370,000 people work in solar today, while coal, gas and oil combined employ just over 187,000. So it looks like the blue collar workforce, depending on the industry, should continue to transform from “blue” to “green”.

The increase of solar (and wind) is great news for the environment, and further proof that with renewable energy adoption comes cleaner and cleaner air for future generations. Energy innovation has shown to be an integral part of our economic growth as a nation. It’s also hard to say no to solar if you’re a homeowner that’s offered a lower electric bill for no money out of your pocket, or if you’re a business owner who will receive a return on investment within three years by investing in cleaner energy. It makes sense environmentally AND financially, so why not?

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