Solar Energy is Making a Difference

Solar power dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is proven to slow climate change. Thousands of homeowners are making the switch not only for the monetary savings and long-term price protection from rising utility rates, but also the positive impact it has on the environment. In more ways than one, solar is building a brighter future for everyone.

This Earth Day, we’d like to honor and commend our customers who are making the choice to better the environment for generations. Since 2009, Momentum Solar customers have generated over 12 GWh (gigawatts) of solar energy.

That’s enough clean energy to offset the emissions from:

  • 21,888,735 miles driven by an average vehicle

  • 1,004,906 gallons of gasoline

  • 9,700,902 pounds of burned coal

That’s also the same clean energy generated as:

  • 231,447 mature trees

  • 10,519 acres of forest

Our customers are proof that renewable energy is truly making a difference, and that is what motivates us every single day. Thank you, and Happy Earth Day!

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