How Does Solar Storage Work?

For those paying attention to the energy industry, it comes as no surprise that solar is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States. Each year solar power becomes more affordable and accessible, “since 2008, U.S. installations have grown 35-fold to an estimated 62.5 gigawatts (GW) today. This is enough capacity to power the equivalent of 12 million average American homes.”[1]

In addition to feeding their energy usage through traditional solar means, homeowners are often looking into how they can use the power of the sun to power their homes when the grid goes down. This can be done through the use of solar batteries.

Fortunately, Momentum Solar’s exclusive partnership with Enphase allows us to provide homeowners with specialized, modular storage solutions.

Solar Energy and Your Home

What do you need to have a properly functioning solar panel system on your home? The typical system includes solar panels, inverters, mounting equipment and a performance monitoring system. The solar panels collect the energy from the sun and convert it to usable electricity to power your home. Most residential systems are “grid-tied” or connected to an electricity grid, and when you generate excess power it is fed back into the grid. On the other hand, when your home needs more power than your solar panels are producing, it can draw the energy it needs from the grid.1

This process is known as net metering. Essentially any extra power generated by your solar panels is held at the grid until you use it. If it is not used, most homeowners will receive a credit on their utility bill for the unused electricity.1 But what if you could store your unused power at your home and not send it back to the grid? This is where solar batteries come in handy.

Solar Battery Basics

Just like the grid, solar batteries work by storing extra energy produced by your panels for later use. But, unlike the grid, “if your solar panels are producing more electricity than you need, the excess energy goes towards charging the battery. Later, when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity, you can draw down the energy you stored earlier in your battery for night use.”1

What this means is that homeowners who choose to install solar batteries can store their excess power on site and save it for a cloudy day. An added bonus to solar battery storage at home is the back-up power they can offer if there is a power outage in your area.1

Peak Shaving with Battery Storage

First, let’s look at exactly what “peak shaving” is. As energy consumption fluctuates throughout the workday, it can have highs and lows. To accommodate the fluctuating demand at the macro level, utility providers vary their pricing throughout the day. This means that during high electricity demand, “peak” utility rates kick in and during times of low energy demand, “off-peak” pricing goes into effect.[2]

What if you had the ability to program your solar panel system to switch on and off during the “peak” demand time? Using your own solar battery storage, you can program your system to convert energy during the “off-peak” times, and switch to using the stored energy during “peak” times to avoid paying the peak price for your electricity.2 This strategy allows you to save money without disrupting your daily routine.

Momentum Solar Offers Battery Storage

Momentum Solar has teamed up with Enphase to provide energy management technology that gives homeowners the ability to store electricity for use in the event your panels are not producing enough energy. Enphase Encharge is a battery backup system that stores excess electricity produced by your solar panels. This battery backup system provides independence from your utility grid when you choose.

Momentum Solar offers two different battery storage options to suit your exact energy storage needs.

Encharge 3: This storage system is a 3.36kWh battery unit that is flexible and scalable.

Encharge 10: For more capacity, the Encharge 10 boasts a 10.08 kWh battery without sacrificing its flexibility and scalability.

Homeowners can increase and combine modules as necessary, creating a completely personalized battery experience.

Why Choose Us?

Not only is Momentum Solar one the fastest growing solar companies in the country, we have over 2,000 employees nationwide. With over a decade of experience our team is on standby ready to take on any solar project no matter how big or small. Let us handle the process from start to finish, and start producing your own clean, renewable and REUSABLE energy today.

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Five Facts You Did Not Know About Solar Power

With solar power on the rise nationwide, you’re probably familiar with concept of solar energy as a whole. Although it may seem simple – solar panels soak up the sun, convert the energy to usable electricity and then use that converted energy to power your home – there is so much more to know about how these panels work!

We’ve collected a few fun facts to help expand your knowledge of solar energy!

NASA Was Among the First to Use Solar Technology

Where did it all start? The space industry was an early adopter of solar technology. In the 1960’s, NASA began to use solar technology to provide power aboard spacecrafts. The Vanguard 1, which was the first artificial Earth satellite powered by solar cells, remains the oldest manmade satellite in orbit. As of today, the Vanguard 1 has logged more than 6 billion miles.1

Not only has solar power been proven to benefit our planet by providing a cleaner renewable energy source, it has been trusted by NASA for over 60 years to help explore more of our Earth and solar system. Aboard the Vanguard 1, continues the use of solar panels to power the technology used to collect data as it orbits our Earth.

Solar Power is on the Rise

Every year, the demand for solar in the United States increases. The Wall Street Journal published an article in month, year, “U.S. Solar-Panel Demand Expected to Double,” which highlighted the successes of the U.S. solar industry following a recent study released by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research. The study showed that, “the first quarter of 2012, developers installed 85 percent more solar panels compared to the first quarter of last year. Total U.S. installations may reach 3,300 megawatts this year – putting the country on track to be the fourth largest solar market in the world.”1

Now, almost a decade later, solar power continues to rise. In 2019, the United States became home to more than two million solar panel installations. This speaks volumes, for example, the country exceeded the two-million milestone just three years after one million solar panel installations, which took 40 years to accomplish.2

Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By using the power of the sun as an alternative renewable source, solar energy emits fewer greenhouse gasses than fossil fuels. According to a report by the International Panel on Climate Change’s Working Group III, researchers examined hundreds of estimates of greenhouse gas emissions, and compiled the results of the most thorough studies.1 The results of this study had shown that renewable energy has a considerably lower impact than fossil fuels over the lifespan of each power source.

Solar Power is Essential to Help Climate Change

Expanding the use of solar energy is the key to meet our world’s climate change resolution goals. The International Energy Agency illustrated what changes would need to be made in the energy sector to limit global warming to “2°C from the pre-industrial level, based on “the climate sensitivity of the planet”.1 With this scenario in mind, solar energy exhibits the fastest growth, and has the potential to “provide more than 10% of global electricity by 2050.”1

To keep it simple, we need to ramp up our use of solar energy to lessen the damage created by fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions if we want to help save our planet. Not only does making the switch to solar help the environment, it can provide cheaper, cleaner power globally.

The Solar Industry Creates Jobs

With the growing demand for solar energy, so too does the need for more jobs to help the world meet its goals towards a greener future. As solar energy continues to advance at a record pace, the solar market gains momentum as reported by the latest job report from the Solar Foundation. It showed that the, “solar industry is creating jobs six times faster than the overall job market.”1

Here at Momentum Solar we can attest to this. Founded in 2009, we started out as only a handful of employees in a New Jersey warehouse, today we employ over 2,000 hardworking team members across the country.

To learn more about how Momentum Solar can help, please call 1-800-MOMENTUM or visit for more!

A Story of Growth and Momentum in Pennsylvania

Before growing to be the largest privately held solar company in the nation, Momentum Solar began with only a handful of employees in a New Jersey warehouse. While we’re the first to admit that our beginnings were humble, we’re now honored to employ over 2,000 hardworking team members across the country.

Every single one of our employees has a story to tell, a family to support or a goal they’re striving to achieve. Without our hardworking team members, there’s no doubt that we’d still be chipping away at the marketplace in that same old warehouse. Fortunately, we were able to methodically expand into six additional states over the past 11 years – and one of those was Pennsylvania.

A proud energy producing state, Pennsylvania is quickly growing into a lucrative solar market. Since opening our doors in Lancaster in August of 2019, we’ve employed over 70 hardworking team members, installed 6.5 MW in 2019 and 5.9 MW in 2020 to date.

Meet our Lancaster Team Members

Being a part of the Momentum Solar team means you are part of the family. Each employee at Momentum has a passion for what they do. We took the time to sit down with a few of our team members at the Lancaster office and got to know their stories.

After serving seven years in the United States Air Force, Paul Reber, 27, was honorably discharged and now is a disabled veteran who was ready to start a new career outside of the military. When he began at Momentum Solar, Paul had no idea what to expect as a Warehouse Manager. Fortunately, Paul was able to use the knowledge he gained in the Air Force and apply it to the solar industry seamlessly.

“This mindset has help me propel my career in a new industry and great company. Solar has given me a solid foundation to build my new life after the military. This industry has provided me with a career that is greatly needed by disabled veterans like myself.”

Speaking with Gavin Rea 28, a father of three and a lover of all things ‘Philly’, gave us unique insight into how Momentum is supporting families across the keystone state. With little ones at home, Gavin is used to being in a fast-paced environment. This is one of the main he joined the Momentum Solar family as a foreman.

“I joined the solar industry because of its fast-paced work, room for growth and increasing popularity in Pennsylvania. I’ve used my time in the solar industry to learn a wide variety of new trade skills and can’t wait to see where Momentum takes me.”

Another foreman on our team, Corey Rowley 24, talked to us about how Momentum has helped him build a foundation for a better future.

“I have been working in the solar industry for a little over a year and a half now and it’s given me a great foundation to my career. It has been awesome learning different systems and meeting new people in the field. There are countless skills to learn from this job – skills that can help with both understanding solar and life itself. Solar is undoubtedly an upcoming part of the world and I am excited to change with it as time goes on!”

Wrapping up our Lancaster interviews, we sat down with Albert Schrimp, a 24-year-old solar specialist who just obtained his Master’s degree in science in May. Albert graduated amid the pandemic and was not sure where to start his journey – that’s when he started looking into different science-related industries to further his knowledge and propel his career. During his search, he stumbled upon solar energy, and felt immediately drawn to Momentum.

“Even though I had a limited understanding of the benefits of solar at the time, I wanted to evaluate a wide range of industries, including those that fell outside of my previous areas of expertise. Solar drew my attention because of the wide range of state and federal incentives, including the Investment Tax Credit, that have allowed it to become a viable solution for customers to control for ever rising energy cost while also capitalizing on its environmental benefits… Ever since joining the Momentum Solar family, I have saw myself as a proponent for more affordable and cleaner power that will allow for a better future for my family.”

Albert goes on to tell us that even though he grew up in West Virginia, a state built around fossil fuels like Pennsylvania, he always saw renewable energy as the more sustainable option for the future.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As Momentum Solar continues to grow nationwide, our team members in each state, city and town is part of one big family. The Lancaster team plays a critical role in the move towards a cleaner, renewable and more sustainable future. Being a state that was once known for its coal mining and oil drilling, Momentum Solar looks forward to expanding our Pennsylvania operations and bring in more talent from the local community to take steps towards a greener future together.

For more information on how you can join our team, please call 1-888-MOMENTUM.