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Produce Your Own Power

A solar loan allows you to pay off your system over time, making it easier for many homeowners to receive the benefits of owning solar panels without having to pay the full cost upfront.

Here’s How Loans Work

Solar loans are a great financing option for homeowners who prefer not to pay the full cost of their system upfront. Those who take out solar loans are still purchasing the panels themselves and are the owners of their panels, and therefore still qualify for tax incentives.

Learn How Your Solar Loan Is Tax Deductible

Homeowners who utilize solar loans still own their solar panels systems, and therefore qualify for federal tax credits. The Investment Tax Credit, or solar tax credit, gives homeowners 26% of the cost of installation that can be applied to their federal taxes. This offer only lasts through the end of 2020, making now the best time to make the switch to solar!

The Many Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy systems help homeowners across the nation save thousands. Not only are there plenty of fiscal benefits to switching, but you’ll also have peace-of-mind knowing that you are producing cleaner, emission-free electricity.

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