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Lease Your Panels with No Upfront Cost

When you lease your solar panels, you make fixed monthly payments for the energy produced but do not own your panels. Customers who choose solar leases get the luxury of solar power without the upfront costs.

Fixed Monthly Rate = No Guessing

With solar leases, homeowners pay a fixed rate for their electricity. This means there will be no more unexpected spikes in your utility bill!

Solar Lease vs. PPAs

A Power Purchase Agreement allows homeowners to pay for the power generated by their panels at a set per-kWh price, whereas for solar leases homeowners pay a fixed rate for the panels themselves. Ask a Momentum Solar representative to see which option fits your needs best!

The Many Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy systems help homeowners across the nation save thousands throughout the lifespan of their systems. Not only are there plenty of fiscal benefits to switching, but you’ll also have peace-of-mind knowing that you are producing cleaner, emission-free electricity.

Coverage Areas

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