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Everything’s Bigger in Texas: Save BIG with Solar in Lone Star State

Everything’s Bigger in Texas: Save BIG with Solar in Lone Star State

Momentum Solar

If there’s one thing Texans understand, it’s the value of wide-open spaces and bountiful sunlight. In the Lone Star State, there is opportunity to turn that abundant sunshine into significant energy savings through solar power. From state incentives to the benefits of choosing a reliable solar provider like Momentum Solar, this guide will outline how you can save BIG by going solar in Texas [1].

But don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to hear more about the substantial savings possible with solar energy. Tune into Austin Texas’ own Fox channel where we were featured, discussing the benefits of switching to solar power. Watch and learn from the segment here. It’s not just about making a wise financial decision, but also about taking a stand for a sustainable future!

Ready to make a change that your wallet and the planet will thank you for? Dial 1-888-MOMENTUM and let our team guide you through the sunny side of energy consumption!

Solar Savings and State Incentives in Texas

Known for its vast energy resources, Texas is making solar power more accessible and affordable for homeowners. Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), a federal incentive, allows homeowners to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes [5]. Furthermore, most Texan utility companies offer net metering, an arrangement where surplus power generated by your solar panels is fed back into the grid, allowing you to offset the cost of power drawn from the utility [3,4].

Unleashing Financial Freedom and Off-Grid Independence

One of the biggest draws of solar energy is its potential for financial savings. Over time, the cost savings from reduced energy bills can significantly offset the initial cost of installing the solar panels [9]. Plus, having your own source of power can give you energy independence, allowing you to be less reliant on the grid which can keep you energized during a power outage. With solar, you’re safeguarding against future power rate increases and helping to secure energy independence for yourself and your community [8, 9].

Eager to invest in an eco-friendly future while enjoying reduced utility costs? Click the “FREE QUOTE” button at the top of this page to unlock the savings!

The Momentum Solar Advantage

Momentum Solar proudly serves Texas with offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. We provide a seamless transition to solar, handling everything from the initial consultation to installation and maintenance [7]. We’re committed to making your switch to solar energy as smooth and rewarding as possible.

With Momentum Solar, you get more than just energy savings – you get a dedicated partner helping you navigate the path to a more sustainable and financially free future. You can count on us to deliver reliable service, superior workmanship and unwavering customer support.

By choosing solar energy, you’re investing in your home and contributing to a more sustainable future. So, are you ready to experience the BIG savings of solar power in the Lone Star State? Contact Momentum Solar at 1-888-MOMENTUM, today to get started!


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