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Momentum Solar Is Empowering Customers with New Technology

Momentum Solar, one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, is now offering their customers the ability to remotely monitor their home solar systems with state-of-the-art service and technology.

Momentum, a solar energy company, has seen rapid growth over the past few years as more educated homeowners are adopting solar to take advantage of the cost savings and environmental impact associated with the installation. To further the benefits of the solar experience, Momentum Solar research and development engineers have started offering real-time system monitoring technology to their customers. This new technology is a free service included with every solar system installation. A personalized dashboard is created for each customer, showing a visualization of the customer’s home and roof with the solar panels (modules) and micro inverters displayed. Customers can monitor their kilowatt (electricity) usage in real-time, access system details, run reports, and read ‘fun facts’ that help leverage their electricity usage and savings.

“We are continuing to fine tune the Momentum machine,” said Brian Cummings, System Monitoring Manager at Momentum Solar. “This technology is a huge leap forward to ultimately empower our customers to control their electricity usage.”

All home solar systems are managed and monitored by in-house Momentum Solar specialists with a proactive approach. If there is a production issue or shortfall then the Momentum monitoring team will review the error and dispatch a technician to make the repair. This new technology pinpoints the exact location of the issue on the solar array, enabling Momentum to troubleshoot and resolve the issue quickly. This innovation utilizes cellular-based monitoring that provides a consistent signal back to Momentum.

“We are excited to communicate and give customers this new technology,” said Call Center Manager Justin Bintliff. “Our customers are conditioned to receive their electricity bill the following month when it’s too late — there is nothing they can do about their electricity usage from the previous month. Our new monitoring technology is enabling families to take control of their electricity production and consumption while adapting to better everyday habits.”

Real-time system monitoring technology can be downloaded via smart phone or access on a private website.

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