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Shocking News: Eversource & United Illuminating Rates on the Rise!

Shocking News: Eversource & United Illuminating Rates on the Rise!

Hey there, Connecticut homeowners! If you’ve been keeping an eye on your electricity bills lately, you might have noticed a not-so-pleasant trend: rising rates from Eversource and United Illuminating (UI). But fear not!
Here at Momentum Solar, we’ve got some electrifying news that could help lighten the load on your wallet. Let’s shed some light on what’s been happening and how solar energy can be your saving grace.
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Understanding the Surge: Why Are Rates Going Up?

It’s no secret that utility bills can be a real shocker, especially when they start climbing higher and higher. According to NBC Connecticut, Eversource and UI have been facing some challenges. CT Insider also reports that Eversource’s electric rate hike has been a point of contention, leaving many homeowners feeling the pinch.

With uncertain fluctuations in utility costs, now more than ever, it’s crucial to explore alternative energy solutions like solar power. Click our “Free Quote” button to see how much you could save with solar!

Solar Power: The Bright Solution for Your Energy Needs

When it comes to combating rising electricity rates, solar power is like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds. By harnessing the abundant energy of the sun, you can take control of your energy expenses and reduce your reliance on traditional utility companies. Plus, with federal and state incentives available for home solar installation, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.

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Empower Your Home with Momentum Solar

At Momentum Solar, we’re passionate about empowering homeowners to take charge of their energy future. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, from initial consultation to seamless installation. Imagine a world where you’re no longer at the mercy of fluctuating utility rates – that’s the power of solar.

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