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Stay Safe from Winter Storms with Solar

Stay Safe from Winter Storms with Solar

Alternative Energy

A recent poll released by BusinessWire revealed that more than half of Americans faced unexpected power failures in 2023. Due to this startling uptick, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for homeowners to equip themselves ahead of blackouts. 

Fortunately for homeowners looking to go green and stay powered when the grid goes down, solar panels are a pivotal solution, offering protection and resilience during outages.

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The Effect of Storms on Electric Grids 

Strong winds, heavy snow or ice can all cause downed power lines, while extreme cold can strain aging electrical infrastructure even further. To make matters worse, ice can form along tree roots and underground power lines, stiffening them and potentially causing damage due to the increased weight.

In addition to the strain natural weather conditions cause, homes all pulling power at the same time puts immense pressure on grids. Sometimes temperature extremes are worse than predicted and utility companies may not have the time or resources to keep up with demand. This can cause widespread power outages or blackouts [2]. 

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Beat Your Next Outage

When it comes to fortifying your home against unforeseen power interruptions, solar panels stand out as a dependable solution. Solar energy systems not only generate clean and sustainable energy, but also serve as a reliable power source during outages [3] when paired with a battery storage solution. Understanding the intricacies of solar energy storage is key to staying powered in an outage! 

Solar batteries play a crucial role in maintaining uninterrupted power during grid failures.

The duration for which solar batteries can supply power during an outage varies based on factors like battery capacity and energy consumption. The capacity of solar batteries and energy usage patterns determine their ability to sustain power [4]. Momentum is proud to partner with Enphase to provide solar energy solutions tailored to every homeowner’s needs! 

Enphase batteries are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability in storing solar energy for homes. These batteries offer numerous advantages, including their weather-resistant design, ability to power essential appliances during outages and advanced safety features due to their low-voltage DC operation. Customers can expect robust performance, enhanced safety and the ability to monitor and manage their energy usage efficiently through Enphase’s user-friendly mobile app. By choosing Momentum Solar, customers gain access to these premium Enphase batteries, ensuring a dependable and sustainable energy solution for their homes.

Preparing Your Solar System for Winter Storms

To prepare your solar-powered home for potential outages, homeowners just like you should consider taking several necessary steps. Understanding how your solar energy system functions during an outage, investing in battery backup, and creating a comprehensive power outage emergency plan are all essential elements to a fail-safe blackout solution.

To help bolster your emergency plan, Enphase boasts an innovative feature called StormGuard. The company’s batteries typically operate in a “savings” mode, enabling homeowners to keep their battery systems poised to pull from the stored energy when utilities charge their peak fees in the  evening hours. Enphase monitors alerts from the National Weather Service and, if there’s an impending storm or disruptive weather pattern, seamlessly shifts to full backup. This ensures your batteries charge up from the grid, preparing you for the storm and preventing a blackout. Once the storm subsides, it automatically reverts to the savings mode, allowing continued savings during peak energy consumption hours.

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Equip Your Home for Power Outages: Essential Steps for Emergency Planning

Before power outages:

  1. Inventory electricity-dependent items: Identify items reliant on electricity and prepare alternatives for use during power outages.
  2. Medical device plan: Consult your healthcare provider for a power outage strategy concerning medical devices and refrigerated medications. Understand temperature storage guidelines for critical medications.
  3. Backup power sources: Prepare batteries and alternatives to meet essential needs during power disruptions.
  4. Stay informed: Sign up for local alerts, monitor weather forecasts, and install carbon monoxide detectors with battery backups.
  5. Assess communication: Determine the functionality of your home phone during power outages and review battery backup duration.
  6. Emergency supplies: Stock up on flashlights, first aid supplies, nonperishable food, water and maintain charged mobile phones and equipment.

During power outages:

  1. Preserve food: Keep freezers and refrigerators closed; they can maintain cold temperatures for a limited duration.
  2. Use non-refrigerated food: Rely on non-refrigerated food items during outages.
  3. Prevent carbon monoxide exposure: Safely use generators or cooking equipment outdoors and away from windows to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. Check on vulnerable groups: Ensure the safety of older adults and children in extreme temperatures.

After power restoration:

  1. Check food: Discard food exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees for two hours or more.
  2. Manage medications: Discard refrigerated medications if the outage exceeds a day, seeking guidance for critical medications.

Remember, safety is paramount during power outages. Take precautions, follow guidelines, and prioritize your well-being [6].

Debunk Winter Solar Myths

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels can generate energy throughout all four seasons. At Momentum Solar, we use solar panels that are hermetically sealed and housed in non-reflective glass to shield against environmental damage. These panels are securely placed in frames to prevent deformation in freezing weather or strong winds.

The racking systems we use upon installation allow snow to slide off panels, which can actually benefit future solar power production. Dirt on panels can melt away with the snow, ensuring higher efficiency in future energy production [5].

Avoid the Unexpected with Solar

By embracing solar power and battery storage, homeowners not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also secure a dependable power source during unexpected outages. Understanding the role of solar panels, maximizing the benefits of solar batteries, and preparing for outages are vital steps to ensure readiness for any situation. 

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