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How to Switch to Solar Power?

Step 1

Get a free quote from our experts. Learn what system configuration suits you the best and just how much money you can save!

Step 2

Sit back while we take care of the design and permits and government incentive application for your solar panels. All you have to do is give us your approval to move forward!

Step 3

Stress-free Installation and activation. We take care of everything from roof repair, tree cutting, and installation. Sit back, relax and watch the magic happen!

Looking for a Solar Installation Company in Tampa?

You’ll Need One That Can Help with Installation, Financing, and Solar Tax Credits
The right solar installation company will be able to get you through all phases of going solar:

  • Choosing the right solar panel system for your home
  • Solar financing
  • Solar installation (which should be free)
  • State and federal solar tax credits and rebates

Ultimately, you want a company that can help you with every phase of going solar. Momentum Solar is often the solar installation company of choice for Tampa residents because they do cover every step of the process, which makes the transition to solar very easy.

Choosing the Right Solar Panels System & Installation Costs

The system you choose will be a key factor. You’ll want a solar company that can help you understand the equipment you’ll need and guide you through the common questions. They should also offer competitive solar financing. Momentum Solar is that company.

The Solar Equipment You Choose

The solar panel equipment options are important to consider, and the solar installation company should be able to help you make the best choice for your specific goals and home.

For example, you can install low-cost, lower-efficiency economy solar panels, which may be the correct choice for a smaller home in Tampa that traditionally uses very little energy.

However, you may want to go with a mid-range standard solar panel system or even a high-performance premium panel system to be certain that you will generate all the solar energy you need.

Also, these better systems are more likely to generate a greater excess of energy which you’ll then be able earn credit for through net metering taking advantage of one of Florida’s solar tax credits.

Solar Financing Options

Ideally, you can pay for your system in cash. Yet, that’s not always an option. Waiting to install will only cost you more money because, like the rest of Florida, Tampa residents are going to reap several nice benefits by converting to solar sooner than later.

Two great benefits are the elimination of your monthly power bill and property taxes in many cases. As well, there will be changes to the solar tax credits in 2020 – specifically they’ll be less generous, which makes going solar now, not later very prudent.

With some of the solar financing programs, Tampa residents can take out a solar loan or sign a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA).

With solar leasing or a power purchase agreement, a third-party solar financing company buys and takes care of the solar panels. You then pay a fixed rate for the solar electricity the system generates.

Florida solar incentives, rebates, & tax credits will also be applied which eliminates both sales and property taxes and allows you to sell your excess energy back to the power company. There’s also a federal solar tax credit, which gives you 26% off the final cost of your solar panel system through December of 2020.

Momentum Solar Is the Favorite Choice of Tampa Residents

As you can see, our state and federal governments have paved the way to help Tampa homeowners go solar.

Whenever there are an abundance of options and solutions, it becomes very important to choose a company that knows how to maneuver and manage it all to gain you the best advantages, which is exactly why Momentum Solar in so often chosen by Tampa homeowners. Add to that, Tampa residents love to do business with local companies, especially when they’re a top of the line company like Momentum Solar!

We are a true one-stop-solar-shop that even does the installation for free. As a top-rated solar panel company, we take each job from start to finish, including tree removal and roof repair when needed. Our solar panels can be mounted on the roof or ground.

As you read above, our solar installation company is well versed in state and Federal tax incentives, rebates and solar financing options. We’re the experts in solar panel systems that can be installed for your home and lifestyle.

  • We will ensure that you are offered all incentives and rebates that apply.
  • We’ll do a complete assessment of your energy needs and your home, taking you through the systems that match those needs best, while maximizing your incentive benefits.
  • If financing is needed, we can help with either route you choose (lease or purchase).

Momentum Solar gives a 25-year warranty on our products and provides Tier 1 solar panels, which is the highest rating a solar panel can receive.

Timing is everything! Some credits and rebates will be less generous in 2020. Now is the time to act! Solar panel systems have never been this affordable or easy to get. Best of all, just think of the money you’ll save in property taxes and power bills. Then add to that how much more you’ll earn when your power company buys the excess energy you produce!

Find Out if Switching to Solar is Right for You

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