Extreme Weather Across the United States

Extreme Weather Across the United States

Global Warming

Over the last year Americans were flooded with headlines broadcasting extreme storms from across the country. These horrifying, destructive weather events occur all year and knock out the power to millions of American homes. Since 2010, roughly 77 million people have affected by weather-related power outages in the United States.[1] Even though we try to predict and prepare for these harsh storms, there is an extra precaution homeowners can take to protect themselves. We’re talking about battery storage for your solar energy system.

Battery storage systems have allowed homeowners nationwide to keep their homes up and running after a major weather event, even if their neighbors are still sitting in the dark.

Rolling Blackouts in the California Hills

In addition to fire season, extreme heat has caused overwhelming electricity surges on the West Coast for many Californians. The soaring temperatures have caused the state’s grid operator to shut off power to over 4 million people at times. According to Zeeshan Aleem of Vox, these blackouts “underscore how vulnerable the state’s electric grids are being overwhelmed precisely when people lean on them most for safety and comfort in extreme weather.”[2]

Not only do Californians experience rolling blackouts yearly as a result of extreme heat, they are no strangers to flooding, dust storms, winter weather and freezing temperatures. All of these harsh conditions contribute to power outages up and down the coast.[3]

Snowfall Over Texas

Climate change has made its impact all over the U.S. and has caught many Americans off guard with weather they never expected. Recently in Texas, residents experienced a cold snap resulting in unprecedented prolonged freezing temperatures, snow and ice. Although Texans have seen cold weather in the past, they had not experienced weather like this for so long. Chief Climate Scientist, Ernst Rauch, announced his firm documented “an increasing trend of instances in which critical infrastructure, such as electrical grids, have failed during extreme weather events. Due to the electrical grid failures in Texas during this week of extreme cold, extensive damage to lives and property has been done…”3

Hurricane Season in the Gulf

From June 1st through November 30th, hurricane season covers the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. At the end of the 2020 season in the Atlantic, there were a combined 30 tropical storms and hurricanes that caused over $51 billion dollars in damage with 430 casualties.[4]

Louisiana saw multiple storms and hurricanes throughout the 2020 season. Laura came ashore on August 27th with winds up to 150 miles an hour and causing $1.4 billion dollars in Louisiana just to the power companies alone. As one utility company president explained, “Hurricane Laura inflicted catastrophic damage on [the] transmission and distribution systems that resulted in approximately 600,000 outages at its peak and impacted more than 900,000 customers in total.”[5]

These are staggering numbers, and, unfortunately, they are only from one storm from one hurricane season. Imagine this happening three to four times a year – and doing so puts everything into perspective when it comes to the safety of your family.

Nor’easters in the Northeast

No matter where you live in the U.S., you are more than likely to experience storms that cause a power outage in your area. Residents of the state of Massachusetts are no stranger to pesky nor’easters. In December 2020, a storm blew in wielding wind gusts up to 70 mph leaving 21,000 residents without power in the first few hours. No more than seven hours later, this number more than doubled leaving 47,000 residents in the cold as reported by the Massachusetts Energy Management Agency.[6]

In situations like this, homeowners relying solely on the electricity company to restore power can sit in the dark with no heat or power for several days.

Momentum Solar and Battery Storage

Momentum Solar is proud to offer battery storage options to our family of customers. We have an exclusive partnership with Enphase – and with this, we’re able to provide unparallel fully integrated energy management technology. This means you can feel confident in your energy abilities during extreme weather conditions or other circumstances that leave your neighborhood in a blackout.

Get Started Today

With over a decade in the business, Momentum Solar has been dedicated to helping families make the switch to a greener lifestyle while offering clean price-protected energy. Over the years, we have evolved with our ever-changing planet and adapted our products to reach our customers’ needs. With the addition of battery storage to your home, you can ensure that your home will be powered up and running when your family needs it the most.

If you are interested in making the switch to solar or to learn more about our battery storage offerings, please give us a call today at 1-888-MOMENTUM.



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