Microinverters 101: What You Need to Know

Microinverters 101: What You Need to Know

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What do you envision of when you think of solar energy? Do you picture panels on a roof, a ground mounted system peacefully collecting rays in a grass-covered field or, perhaps, you think of the sun as a whole. Most people picture the typical roof set up, but have you ever thought of what makes those panels work?

Solar panels are built to work with microinverters, and these are a crucial component in your solar panel system.

What Do They Do?

Let’s start with the basics, inverters are responsible for converting direct current energy (DC) generated by your solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, this the same type of energy that powers your home’s appliances. Although there are a few different inverter options for your system, microinverters are among one of the more popular inverter technologies.1 They’re also the only type of inverter used at Momentum Solar.

Instead of having a centralized string inverter for your system, you can choose to get smaller inverters installed, aka microinverters. Most systems using a microinverter solution use one unit for each individual panel.1

“Because each microinverter operates at the panel site independently of the others in the system, microinverters are classified as module-level power electronics (MLPE). MLPEs are the best option for complicated installations or those that experience marginal shading.”1

For example, with a traditional string inverter, panels can only produce energy at the lowest-performing panel in the same string, whereas microinverters produce electricity individually for each panel maximizing performance and energy efficiency.

When to Use Microinverters

There are many reasons a homeowner should consider installing microinverters, but one of the main reasons is individual panel performance monitoring. With this method you can compare how each of your panels is performing on its own instead of evaluating the systems performance as a whole. This could help the homeowner quickly identify any service issues with an individual panel and result in quicker repair time of the equipment.1

Another benefit to using microinverters is because they are a, “good solution for more complicated installations that have panels facing different directions or are tilted at varying angles. If you have some panels facing east and others facing south, using microinverters on each panel will allow them to perform to their maximum ability when sunlight hits them…”1

As you can see, using microinverters for your home system can be beneficial. It allows the homeowner to truly harness the power of the sun and get the most out of their solar panel system. With an easy way to monitor, repair or run performance diagnostics, you can always make sure your system is running optimally.

Microinverters with Momentum Solar

With a dedicated Operations team from certified engineers to permit runners, we make going solar a seamless process for every homeowner. And when it comes time for installation, the microinverter is something you won’t even notice (even though they’re doing most of the heavy lifting).

We mount each microinverter directly behind its corresponding solar panel to convert the DC electricity from each solar panel into usable AC electricity.

After installation, you can count on our exclusive microinverter supplier’s features to keep you up to date on your production. Through Enphase’s MyEnlighten software, you’ll be able to access a complementary monitoring software that you can use to track your solar energy production from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll be able to ensure your system is functioning optimally and view how many kilowatt-hours you are producing every day.

Now your armed with the microinverter knowledge reserved for solar experts and we can help you take your passion for clean, renewable energy one step further. Whether you are looking to save money, help the environment or are looking to achieve an aesthetically pleasing roof, we are here to help. Go solar with Momentum today!

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