Solar Connect Referral Program Details

When a potential customer is in need of a product or service, where do they turn? They’re most likely going to ask a friend or family member for a recommendation. We want to invite and reward our customers for sharing our service with others in offering some of the highest referral payouts in the industry.

Our program is based on the achievement of certain milestones throughout the lifecycle of a solar panel installation project. The following schedule details when to anticipate referral payouts.

Stage Payout
SMS Intro Initiated:
Initial introduction to a prospective customer has been made via SMS txt or submission of information
Appointment Scheduled:
An appointment date and time has been scheduled with the Homeowner(s)
Visit Complete
A company representative has completed an appointment with a Homeowner(s) and presented a contract for signature
Agreement Signed
A referred Homeowner has signed an agreement to install solar
Design Complete
Designs have been completed for the installation of a solar project
Installation of the solar project has been completed

We use Stripe to send money securely. You can create a Stripe account in your profile page in the Solar Connect app. Referral payouts will be made available in your Stripe account after the specific milestone has been met and all necessary paperwork has been submitted. W9 forms must be completed and submitted for payment requests totaling more than $599 per calendar year. Momentum Solar is not affiliated in any way with Stripe. Momentum Solar does not offer tax advice. Please consult your tax professional with any questions regarding the treatment of any Referral payouts.

By signing up and using the Solar Connect app you are agreeing to the terms and conditions found at