Simple Ways to Protect the Environment at Home

Simple Ways to Protect the Environment at Home

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Protecting the environment doesn’t mean you have to endure a “green” lifestyle overhaul. By testing out a few simple eco-friendly lifestyle alternatives, you could drastically cut down on your environmental footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The “Three Rs” are a great way to help protect our environment and address our societal problem with personal waste. You can donate your unwanted items (tools, appliances, devices, clothes, etc.) to the less fortunate which prevents useable goods from being dumped into landfills. From this day forward, we should all live by the adage, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Recycling can also help our environment. An easy way to introduce daily recycling into our lives is with our straws, cups and utensils – as well as aluminum cans, paper waste and most glass products. Once thoroughly cleaned, these items can be broken down and transformed to make new products in the future.

Unplug Appliances

We’re all human. We all leave our devices plugged in even though they’re fully charged! However, unplugging unused or fully charged devices protects the environment since electronics still consume a great deal of energy when left on idle. Industry professionals also call this “standby mode” and it’s an easy thing to eliminate once you’re aware of the issue!

Slash Your Water Consumption

Another way to make your home a bit more environmentally friendly is by minimizing your water consumption. On average, dishwashers use six gallons of water per cycle. To make matters worse, roughly 1.34 pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted per load[1]. One way to cut back on your personal impact is to wait until your dishwasher is completely full before you start a load.

Speaking of getting clean, turning off the water while brushing your teeth is another easy way to cut down on water consumption. Doing so will save approximately five gallons of water every time you brush your teeth.

Click here to test your water footprint.

Cut Down on Red Meat

Avoiding red meat is an effective way to protect the environment from the comforts of your kitchen. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, there are several valid reasons why red meat is environmentally harmful. The organization explains that, “cows must consume 16 pounds of vegetation in order to convert them into one pound of flesh. Raising animals for food consumes more than half of all water used in the U.S.”[2] Trying “Meatless Mondays” is an easy way to introduce vegetarian meals in your family’s weekly menu.

To track the size of your overall ecological footprint, click here.

Go Solar

Not only does going solar save money, but you are also personally contributing to the betterment of the environment. Solar energy is a great alternative to fossil fuels – as its energy is renewable, clean, sustainable and reduces air and water pollution. Additionally, your carbon footprint is instantly reduced once you go solar.

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