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When most people become concerned about their energy bills, their first instinct is to turn off the lights, adjust their thermostats, and other ineffective strategies to reduce costs. While they may save you a bit of money short-term, the bills will stay the same or higher if you rely on these methods to save money on your energy consumption and bills.

There is an alternate solution. Solar energy is a long-term, low-cost way of saving money on energy bills. Let’s take a look at solar benefits and long-term savings.

Average cost of solar panels

The average cost of solar panels for a residential home varies depending on the home’s size, location and energy consumption.

A lot of homeowners get anxious when researching initial costs of solar. There are a lot of factors to consider, companies to choose from and pieces that go into the puzzle. This may be the reason why many people feel intimidated when seeking more information – the flood of options can be overwhelming!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The benefits of solar far outweigh the initial costs when you choose the right company and do your research. Once you plan according to your needs and goals, you can save money on your energy bills for the entire lifespan of your solar panel system – which is approximately 25 years.

And that initial price can be even lower. Tax credits, local rebates and solar financing options all can lower the initial cost. The final cost will depend on the total savings gained throughout the lifecycle of the system. Homeowners can find this out when they explore their options with a solar company in greater depth.

Let’s take a look at the average savings that homeowners can get and how they can apply to you!

Total savings homeowners experience with a residential solar system

Homeowners see savings from solar energy in three major areas:

  • Tax credits and financing options
  • Energy bills
  • Local energy rebates

That’s only a brief overview. Contact us today to learn more about these different ways to save and how you can drop hundreds, if not thousands of your initial investment!

Momentum Solar’s promise to you

That all being said, why do people choose to work with the professionals at Momentum Solar? It’s because of our promise to you.

We promise quality work, reliable employees, great worth ethic and a stellar track record.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check us out and see the work that we’ve done for other people in the past. We look forward to giving the same quality work and service to you in your home’s needs.

Call us today to start your journey to clean, renewable energy for you, your home and the world that we all share.

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