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Cost of Solar Panels in Downey

There has never been a better time to invest in solar panels for your home in Downey, CA. Solar panels are more affordable than ever, and solar financing options make it possible for nearly every homeowner to enjoy the benefits of clean solar energy. If you’re interested in learning about the cost of solar panels in Downey, you have come to the right place – Momentum Solar has helped countless numbers of homeowners in your neighborhood make the valuable investment in solar panels over the past several years.

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What Is the Average Cost of Solar Panels?

“How much will this cost me?” is the number one question we hear from our customers. As with any investment, you will need to understand the cost before you can move forward. Your unique energy requirements, size of your family and characteristics of your home will influence the actual cost of your solar panels.

Determining the Exact Cost of Your Solar Panels

While we can give you with a ballpark figure for home solar panels, we prefer to provide any prospective customer with a customized quote for their solar project. We offer this free service to provide you with an accurate figure so you can plan accordingly. Our solar panel quotes include all related fees, including planning, permitting and installation. When you choose Momentum Solar, there are no hidden costs.

To determine the actual cost of your solar panels, we will look at several different factors during our visit to your property. These include:

  • The size of your home. It’s important to understand this when planning the size of your system. A system that is the right size for your family will help you achieve the greatest return on your investment.
  • Your unique energy requirements. This can be influenced by factors such as the presence or lack of insulation and how many hours per day your family spends at home.
  • Characteristics of your roof and any the presence of trees on your property. Some roofs are well prepared to receive solar panels, while others will need some additional work before the panels can be installed, which can drive up costs. We also look at potential obstructions on your property, such as trees, which may limit sun exposure.

Using Solar Tax Credits to Lower the Cost of Your Solar Panels

When you purchase solar panels for your Downey property, you can take advantage of the federal government’s Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to substantially lower the upfront costs of solar panels. This popular program will be available to homeowners until the end of 2021. In 2020, solar tax credits can lower the total cost of your solar panels by 26%. In 2021, the cost will be lowered by 22%. In subsequent years, the solar tax credit will not be available for residential installations, so you must act now to lock in these huge savings. Our team will be happy to provide further information during your free consultation.

Free Quote for Solar Panels in Downey

If you would like to know the exact cost of solar panels for your home, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule you free consultation with our expert team of solar installers. During this initial meeting, we will also provide you with additional information on our solar financing options. Contact us today to get started – we look forward to hearing from you!

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