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Take Advantage of Local California Tax Incentives for Solar Panels

Find out exactly how much solar will save Los Angeles, CA homeowners

Most people associate Los Angeles with its pleasant weather and sunshine. Out of the 365 days of the year, the city generally enjoys full sunshine and excellent surf for roughly 285 days. This is ideal for energy and budget-conscious homeowners who are interested in exploring their solar options. Add the fact that energy costs in Los Angeles are significantly higher than in other parts of the country and solar energy begins to look like a good investment.

What is the total cost of setting up such a system for a typical home? What are the financing options available? And how much can homeowners expect to save over time when they invest in a solar system?

Fortunately, the dedicated solar specialists at Momentum Solar are here to answer your questions.

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Total Costs and Expenses

Like most major home-related purchases, initial solar installation costs vary depending on the home in question. Maintenance and upkeep costs are generally discussed with the provider and have no set range. These longer-term costs heavily depend on how well the initial installation was performed.

In total, a complete solar panel installation, maintenance, warranty, and care package averages out to around the cost of a new car in the Los Angeles area.

Okay – but what can you expect to save?

Projected Savings

Let’s start with a breakdown of the usual savings homeowners can take advantage of when they switch to solar.

  • Available solar tax credits typically offer a substantial reduction from the total cost of solar panels
  • The Solar Renewable Energy Certificate offers savings for qualified homeowners
  • And when you lease, you can expect savings throughout the course of a 20-years lease
  • These are rough estimates. Your total savings may be more, depending on your location and situation.

    When you invest in solar energy solutions, you’re investing in your future. Unlike traditional energy forms that burn coal, uses oil, and harnesses electricity, solar energy uses something that humans will always have: sunlight. This saves much more than money; it plays a small part in saving and conserving the world for the future.

    Your Financing Options

    Momentum Solar offers financing at a competitive rate and four different types of financing options. These include:

    • Loans
    • Cash
    • Cash Credit
    • PPA

    At this time, Momentum Solar offers its customers 25-year leases. While these leases do not travel with homeowners if they choose to sell their homes, they can be easily transferred to the new owners at the point of sale. These loans are specifically designed for solar projects and offer custom terms to make solar affordable and available to everyone.

    If you’re in the Los Angeles area and have been considering solar energy, now is the time to act! Contact the professionals at Momentum Solar today to learn more about the solar financing and incentive options that are available to you.

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