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Take advantage of the California tax credit for solar panels.

Most solar installations qualify for the solar tax credit – a federal incentive that gives you a 30% credit on your taxes

Solar panels in California pay for themselves thanks to the state’s year-round sunshine and rising electricity prices. There has never been a better time to go solar!

Solar panels installers in california

It’s a Smart Investment

The estimated savings for solar homes in California over a 20-year span is $21,000. Solar energy systems in this state can pay for themselves in under 8 years!

California has a great net energy metering (NEM) program. This incentive allows owners to sell unused energy generated by their solar panels to their utility company in exchange for credit.

Most installations qualify for the solar tax credit – a federal incentive that gives you a 30% credit on your taxes in the following year.
There are multiple ways you can cover the cost of solar without breaking the bank. Reach out to a representative from Momentum Solar to talk about your solar financing options.

Environmental Benefits

California has always been a pioneer in renewable energy and is currently one of the top 10 solar states in America. If California achieves its goal of 30% solar energy by 2030, that would be equivalent to taking 59 million cars off the road!

Momentum Solar is in California

Momentum Solar is known for its’ “no-strings-attached” offering — homeowners can go solar for no money out of pocket and pay a lower electric bill. Roof repairs or replacement are offered wholesale for homes that are being prepped for solar installation, and complimentary tree removal is offered for qualifying homes. No-obligation consultations are free and important to offer in the Golden State, which is continually experiencing stress on the power grid.

What separates Momentum from other solar companies is its commitment providing our customers with clean and affordable energy throughout each step of the process – from our design team to our solar installers.

All In Is Starting in California!

Calling our Momentum California family! We are looking for All In Ambassadors from California to join our environmental initiative.

All In was started at Momentum headquarters in South Plainfield, NJ and has cleaned up nearly X pounds of litter around the state. Along with holding clean-ups, Ambassadors strive to educate themselves and their peers on the effects of climate change and how to live out a more sustainable lifestyle by holding weekly meetings to exchange ideas.

Tax rebate breakdown

Solar Savings Types Value of Savings
Residential Solar Investment Program Up to $0.46 per watt (depending on the system)
Solar Tax Exemptions Solar system sales tax exemption
Property Tax Exemptions Property tax exemption on added home value from solar
Federal Solar Tax Credit 30% of the final cost of the solar system

Compare Bills

This customer’s bill is estimated to be $150 lower than the previous bill.

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