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Find out exactly how much solar will save Bridgeport, CT homeowners

The Cost of Solar in Bridgeport, CT

Bridgeport is the beautiful home of 1,300 acres of public land for parks and 144,000 inhabitants. It boasts a treasure of features, with residents regularly enjoying the beautiful shoreline, museums, festivals and so much more.

Because of these great attractions Bridgeport can be an expensive place to live – which is why switching to solar energy is a great way to reduce your bills and accumulate big savings in the long run! Read on to see how solar panels can assist you, your home and your environment.

Energy Savings

The estimated amount Bridgeport residents can save on energy per year is $1,549. Take a look at the monthly breakdown: [1]

Month Available kW/m2/day Max savings per month
Jan 3.40 $99.99
Feb 4.35 $116.40
March 4.85 $142.34
April 5.07 $144.10
May 5.25 $154.31
June 5.27 $149.93
July 5.60 $164.42
Aug 5.44 $159.71
Sept 5.12 $145.59
Oct 4.22 $124.09
Nov 3.42 $97.27
Dec 3.27 $96.00

Incentives and Tax Rebates

There are several ways that Connecticut residents can accumulate long-term savings while offsetting the cost of their solar energy systems. Read on to see what rebates and tax credits you may qualify for.

Residential Solar Incentive Programs: There are programs for those who choose to buy their solar panel systems and for those who choose to lease.

Solar Panel Installations in Bridgeport, CT

The Expected Performance Based-Buydown (EPBB) incentive gives homeowners an upfront cost reduction when buying solar panels. The amount granted is based on the main design characteristics of the system and is paid directly to the installer on behalf of the owner.

The Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) gives individuals who choose to lease the opportunity to benefit from solar power for little upfront cost on the system. Homeowners enter into a contract with a third-party solar panel system owner, and the PBI is paid to the system owner based on its performance over a span of 6 years.

Solar Tax Credits: On top of state incentives, owners of solar power systems are also eligible for solar tax credits. Solar tax credits, also known as federal tax credits, allow solar panel system owners to deduct 26% of the cost of installation from their federal taxes.

Residential and commercial solar energy system owners can deduct 26% of the cost of installation for systems that have begun construction through 2020. Their solar tax credits then decrease as depicted by the following timetable:

  • 2020 – 26%
  • 2021 – 22%
  • After 2021 – 10% permanently

Residents of Connecticut can qualify for several state incentive programs that will boost your savings even more. If you’re still concerned about the cost of solar, ask us about our flexible solar financing options. Momentum offers customized payment plans that can include $0 upfront cost!

We’re All In

As residents know, Bridgeport is a historic seaport city in Fairfield County. Located at the mouth of the Pequonnock River, it is crucial for residents of the largest municipality in Connecticut to do their part in keeping the environment clean.

Momentum All In is dedicated to preserving and caring for our communities. Reach out to a representative to learn more about how All In can help a neighborhood near you!


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