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What Are Solar Panels and Why Do I Need Them in Bristol, CT?

We use solar panels to generate electricity for our homes. It’s cheaper, cleaner and often more efficient than getting electricity from the power company.

The full name of these solar panels is “photovoltaic solar panels”.

Photo” refers to the light energy from the sun which we call “photons”

Voltaic” refers to the conversion of those photons into electricity, which is measured in volts.

In a nutshell, we use photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

Free Solar Panel Installation Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Bristol, CT

It may surprise you to know that the first experiments with solar energy and solar panels occurred in the 1800s. However, the technology of that era could do little more than prove that the sun’s energy could be collected. It would be many more decades before it could be made efficient enough to be considered a true energy source.

Momentum Solar will come to your home for a consultation and provide you with a free estimate for a solar panel system. When switching to solar energy you will want a company that can help you with every phase of the process. Momentum does just that!

Solar Panels Generate Clean & Renewable Energy

The sun provides us with a solution for clean and renewable energy. Solar panel systems allow us to harness and utilize that clean energy and rely less on electricity that is generated from nuclear power plants, natural gas or coal.

Solar Panels Drastically Reduce Bristol Power Bills

Connecticut pays some of the highest energy bills in the nation which has been a leading factor in why so many people have converted to solar panels. Bristol residents need solar panels to lower their energy bills dramatically.

The Federal Government Gives You a 26% Solar Tax Rebate When You Install Solar Panels

The Federal Tax Credit gives homeowners credit for a portion of the price on installation. This credit can be applied on your annual tax return. You can still get the full 26% solar tax credit until December 31, 2020– keep in mind the system has to be installed by that date.

If you are interested in getting the full 30%, you’ll want to contact Momentum Solar to come and give you a free estimate right away.

Solar Financing Options for Solar Panels

Like the rest of Connecticut homeowners, Bristol residents can get solar financing. Momentum Solar offers plenty of solar financing options for customers to choosee from.

Let Momentum Solar Help You Get Your Solar Panels in Bristol, CT

As a top-rated solar panel company, we complete each job from start to finish with efficiency and care.. Momentum Solar gives a 25-year warranty and provides Tier 1 solar panels, which is the highest rating a solar panel can receive.

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