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Take advantage of the new Connecticut tax credit for solar panels.

Find out exactly how much solar will save Fairfield County, CT homeowners

Momentum Solar Is Fairfield County’s Alternative Energy Company of Choice

Choose the Alternative Energy Company that Helps You Through all Phases of the Process
Momentum Solar is much more than just an alternative energy company. We are a complete solar installation, financing and long-term service company. There are many aspects to going solar that homeowners need help with, and we cover them all.

Fairfield County Residents can start with a free estimate from one of our solar specialists. If you decide to pursue solar energy, we will guide you through every step of the process.

Momentum Solar helps you with everything from reviewing financing options, applying for solar incentives available to Fairfield County residents and finally installing your high-quality solar energy system.

Going solar has never been more easier!

Free Solar Panel Installation Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Fairfield County, CT

With an Alternative Energy Company Like Momentum Solar, You’ll Find Going Solar is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • You’ll recieve a free solar consultation and help in choosing the right solar panel system that best suits your home and lifestyle.
  • You’ll get help with solar financing, tax credits and rebates.
  • You’ll get your new solar power system installed and energized by the industry’s best solar specialists.

Solar Tax Credits & Incentives for Fairfield County Residents

The Federal Tax Credit gives you 30% off the final cost of your solar panel system. This deal is only for a liited time – starting in 2020, this tax credit will start incrementally decreasing. Now is your last chance to take advantage of the full credit!

How Difficult Is It to Sell a Home with A Solar Agreement in Fairfield County?

It’s not difficult at all. If you decide to sell your home, you can transfer your solar agreement to the new homeowner.

Momentum Solar makes this process very easy. The new homeowners will enjoy the same great electricity savings, which is a great selling point when your home is on the market.

Add to that, nothing boosts the value of your Fairfield County, CT home like a solar power system. It’s a win-win for you and the new homeowner!

Is Solar Energy Right for You in Fairfield County, CT?

Residents of Connecticut pay some of the highest power bills in the nation, which is why so many people in Fairfield County have already made the decision to go solar.

Add to that, our state & federal governments want all Connecticut homeowners to go solar. There has never been a better time to convert to solar power!

  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Easy Solar Financing or Leasing
  • Free Consultation & Free Estimate

Momentum Solar is a true full-service company that takes care of everything for you!

As a top-rated alternative energy company with the best solar installers in Fairfield County, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your solar journey with Momentum Solar.

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