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Take advantage of the new Connecticut tax credit for solar panels.

Find out exactly how much solar will save New London County, CT homeowners

Residential Solar Systems in New London County, Connecticut Are Cost-Effective and Affordable

Many people still think that getting a residential solar system is not in their budget. In fact, people in New London County, Connecticut are often surprised to learn just how cost-effective residential solar systems have become over the past decade.

Today’s residential solar panels are far more technologically advanced and generate much more solar energy than they did two decades ago. Add to that, residential solar systems do not cost as much money today as they did just a decade ago.

We’ve all seen how the more advanced technology becomes, the less it costs us. That applies to residential solar systems as well.

But the efficiency and affordability of solar technology are not the only reasons people in New London County are getting residential solar systems. There are both state and federal tax credits that have made it easy for New London residents to make the change. There are easy solar financing options and solar leasing options available as well.

Free Solar Panel Installation Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in New London County, CT

Resources Available to You in New London County, Connecticut

  • The Federal Solar Tax Credit (Investment Tax Credit or ITC): This federal solar incentive allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar panel system from your federal taxes. It’s phasing out starting in 2021, so it’s important to get your solar system installed by December 31, 2020.
  • Solar Financing Options: Momentum Solar offers multiple financing options. Customers can use cash credit, solar loans or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to plan payments for their solar energy systems.

Going Solar with Momentum Solar in New London County, CT Is Easy

With solar tax incentives, easy solar financing options and affordable residential solar systems, it’s just a matter of getting connected to the best solar panel company you can find. At Momentum Solar, our mission is to provide customers with cleaner, price-protected energy at an affordable rate.

Here’s What Momentum Solar Does for You

  • Helps you select the best residential solar system for your home and lifestyle.
  • Helps you get the state and federal solar rebates and solar tax credits.
  • Helps you with solar financing options or solar leasing options.
  • Gives you a 25-year warranty.
  • Gives you a free consultation, including a free estimate for your home.
  • Provides maintenance throughout the lifespan of your system
  • Provides excellent customer service.
  • Uses only tier 1 rated solar panels.

It’s so much easier to get a residential solar system installed when you’ve got a team who knows the process inside and out. Momentum Solar will help you through every phase from the initial site assessment all the way through to final energization of your home! Let’s help you go solar today!

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