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Take advantage of the new Connecticut tax credit for solar panels.

Find out exactly how much solar will save Tolland County, CT homeowners

Top Five Reasons to Get a Solar Power System in Tolland County, CT

A Solar Power System Will Save You Thousands of Dollars in Power Bills.
According to the researchers at Electricity Local, people in Connecticut pay 18.69% more in electricity bills than anywhere else in the nation with the average monthly bill of $127.00.

Once you install your solar power system in your Tolland County home, you’ll find that your bills will drop drastically!

Free Solar Panel Installation Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Tolland County, CT

You Can Easily Get a New Solar Power System with Easy Solar Financing.

Solar financing is easy when you go to the right company. Momentum Solar offes a variety of financing options to help customers achieve their energy needs.

Tolland County residents can choose from the following solar financing options with Momentum Solar:

  • Cash
  • Cash Credit
  • Loan
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The Federal Government Is Giving You a 26% Tax Rebate After Your Solar Power System Is Installed.

The federal tax credit gives owners of residential solar power systems a 26% credit that can be applied to your annual tax returns. The 26% credit lasts through the end of 2020. After this, the federal tax credit will begin to gradually decrease. Now is the best time to make the switch to solar energy!

The Power Company Is Going to Give You Full Credit at Retail Rates for any Excess Energy You Produce.

Connecticut is good to its people. Tolland County residents will receive one more solar incentive when they install their new solar power system. Their power company will be crediting them at the full retail rate for any extra energy they generate.

This is through a program that requires utilities to give their customers credit at the full retail rate for any excess energy they export to the grid.

If you’ve been one of the many people who think that getting a solar power system is not in your budget, you’re probably seeing things differently now!

Tolland County, CT residents are truly amazed by how easy and cost-effective it is to get a solar power system installed. Especially when they choose Momentum Solar!

Going Solar with Momentum Solar in Tolland County, CT Is Easy

Momentum Solar equips customers with all the information necessary to make a decision regarding solar energy. Our mission is to provide our neighbors with cleaner energy at an affordable price!

Here’s What Momentum Solar Does for You
  • Provides the best solar power system for your home and lifestyle using only tier 1 rated solar panels
  • Helps you with solar financing options
  • Helps you utilize state and federal solar rebates and solar tax credits
  • Gives you a free consultation to assess your home
  • Gives you a 25-year warranty.
  • Provides excellent customer service.

Going solar has never been easier or more affordable in Tolland County, CT. Just contact us here at Momentum Solar and we’ll help you get your solar power system in no time!

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