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Take Advantage of Local Florida Tax Incentives for Solar Panels

Find out exactly how much solar will save Clearwater, FL homeowners

Tax Credits for New Solar Installations Will Start to Phase Out in 2020
Time Is Running Out for Clearwater Homeowners!

The cost of solar installations will begin to rise in 2020 when the federal government begins its phase-out of the 30% federal solar tax credit on purchased systems:

Federal Solar Tax Credit:

  • Drops to 26% in 2020.
  • Drops to 22% in 2021.
  • After 2021, the tax credit is slated to be phased out.

A Tampa-based Solar Company, Momentum Solar is working diligently to help Clearwater homeowners reap the rich rewards of both state and federal tax credits for new installations before 2019 ends.

solar panel installations in Clearwater, FL

High Solar Costs Are a “Thing of the Past”

The cost of solar used to be much higher than it is today. However, many people do not know how much more affordable solar energy is today than in years past- which is a major contributing factor in why more Clearwater residents have been slow to convert.

Simply put, the state and federal tax credits and rebates coupled with the tremendous technological advancements in solar panels over the past decade have caused installation costs to plummet.

Looking Back at the Cost of Solar

Do you remember the first laptop computer you ever bought? How about the first cell phone (and that cell phone plan!) Then there are those of you who will remember your first digital camera, video recorder, etc.

We spent quite a bit, only to find that in just a few short years, prices had fallen, and we were now getting so much more for so much less.

That’s partly true for the solar energy industry too. In Florida, however, there was another major player that kept the cost of solar unreachable for many in the early days. More on that in a moment. Here’s the current information:

  • The cost of solar has fallen 23% over the past 5 years!

Another significant breakthrough that made going solar in Florida affordable was when the crippling hold that Florida’s utility companies had on the solar industry was finally ended.

Homeowners were finally able to take advantage of the benefits that Florida and the Federal Government had granted in their groundbreaking legislation in the early 2000s.

It should come as no surprise that for more than a decade, the Florida utility companies had been the major roadblock to Floridians going solar. In 2016, due to the efforts of consumers and advocacy groups, these efforts were finally put down, despite the millions spent by the utility companies to lobby for more restrictive and regulatory legislation.

Add to that, you didn’t hear much about free estimates or free installation. Costly to install, costly to maintain, and costly to buy are all “things of the past.”

Solar Energy for Clearwater Is Affordable and Abundant!

It should come as no surprise that once the major roadblocks to going solar were cleared, solar energy in Florida exploded.

Companies like Momentum Solar were finally able to service homeowners with affordable, technologically advanced solar panel systems. Finally, we could help them get all the tax credits and rebates, making the cost of solar a reality, not a dream.

There’s no doubt that Clearwater residents have benefitted and will continue to benefit from the dramatic decrease in the cost of solar!

Momentum Solar has become known as the solar company of choice for Clearwater residents. While ensuring that homeowners get every possible tax credit and rebate for new installations, we’re providing top-rated systems at the most affordable prices.

Once you’ve gone solar, there are two major expenses that have been eliminated (or dramatically reduced):

  • electricity bill
  • property taxes

You’ll also pick up a new passive income source:

Solar Financing or Leasing Made Easy

Momentum Solar is very good at helping homeowners find the best solar financing or solar leasing fit. Whether you choose to buy your system outright or lease it through a power purchase agreement, Momentum Solar will help you through that process.

Let a Momentum Solar Contractor in Clearwater Help You Go Solar

Momentum Solar is a true one-stop-solar-shop that takes care of everything for you! As a top-rated solar panel company, with top-notch solar contractors in Clearwater, we take each job from start to finish, including tree removal and roof repair when needed.

Our solar panels can be mounted on the roof or ground. Momentum Solar gives a 25-year warranty too.

Is Solar Energy Right for You?

Our state & federal government wants all Clearwater homeowners green! There have never been so many advantages given to homeowners as there are right now. But the government won’t keep this window open too much longer.

If you care about saving money and saving the planet, then yes, going solar is the only right choice!

  • Solar Tax Credits
  • No Sales Tax
  • No Property Tax
  • 30% Rebate on Purchase Price
  • Easy Financing or Leasing
  • Free Estimates & Free Installation from Momentum Solar

Give yourself the best solar contractor in Clearwater by choosing Momentum Solar, going solar saves you money and helps you to save the planet.

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