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If you are thinking about installing home solar panels, you have come to the right place – Momentum Solar is the leading installer of solar panels in Dunedin. This is great news for residents of the area who are looking for top quality solar panels from a local team who will be there to provide support throughout the entire lifespan of their system. Read on to learn more about how our company has become one of the most trusted solar installers in Dunedin.

What Makes Momentum Solar Different from Other Solar Installers?

From the very beginning, we were determined to create a different type of solar company. Our goal was to provide the highest level of customer support throughout every stage of the solar installation process by creating a one-stop-shop when it comes to solar panels. Today, we are proud to say we have achieved that dream. Momentum Solar provides everything that you need to make the transition to solar, including:

  • A free consultation and customized quote for your home solar panels
  • Detailed information about solar tax credits, rebates and incentives available to residents of Dunedin
  • Solar financing options designed to help everyone afford solar panels
  • Support during the entire planning and installation process
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs of your solar panels throughout the entire lifespan of your system

Tier 1 Solar Panels

Our exceptional level of customer service begins with our decision to install only the highest quality solar panels available on the market today. All of our solar panels have undergone rigorous independent analysis, which has earned them a “Tier 1” quality rating. By choosing top rated solar panels, you can be confident that your solar panels will convert the highest amounts of solar energy and be reliable throughout the years. While other Dunedin solar installers offer lower prices by installing inferior solar panels, we do not cut corners when it comes to our customers’ investments.

A Comprehensive 25-Year Warrantee

Your investment in clean, renewable solar energy will pay off over many years – the average lifespan of a home solar system is around 25 years. In order to give you the peace of mind, we provide all of our residential customers with a comprehensive 25-year warrantee that covers your solar panels and system components. If something goes wrong, our team will be there to resolve the issue and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Go Solar Sooner with Our Solar Financing Options

We know that many of our customers do not have the cash reserves available to purchase their solar panels upfront. Since solar is an investment that starts to pay off from Day 1, we encourage our customers to consider making the investment sooner rather than later. To help you get there faster, we offer a variety of solar financing options, including:

  • Solar loans: You can use a solar loan to pay for all or a portion of your solar panels. We provide a variety of loans with competitive rates and terms. For most of our Dunedin customers, the cost of their loan is less than what they previously paid for their monthly electric bills, helping them to save money from the very beginning.
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): With a solar PPA, you will not own the panels on your roof, but you’ll enjoy a reduced cost of electricity from the energy they generate during the entire term of your agreement. This is the perfect option for customers who want to enjoy solar for $0 down without the responsibilities of owning solar panels.

During your initial free consultation, we can help you explore which solar financing option makes the most sense for your family.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Throughout every touch point with Momentum Solar, you will receive the care and attention you deserve as you consider this important investment. We encourage you to experience firsthand how our company stands out from the rest of Dunedin’s solar installers by scheduling your free solar consultation today. This is the best way to meet our team, understand your options, and learn more about the solar installation process. We look forward to hearing from you!

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