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Free Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Orlando

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Are you one of the people who think that solar energy is too expensive for you to even consider? Fortunately for homeowners in Orlando, that’s a common misconception which no longer applies.

Sure, a decade ago, going solar was, well . . . “a bit costly,” causing many of us to shy away. That’s simply not true anymore for most residents in the Orlando area.

Just as we humans have wised up and realized that we need to do our bit to take care of our planet, so has our local government. In fact, both the state and federal governments have made tremendous strides in helping homeowners in Orlando and across the country to go solar in recent years.

Going solar has never been easier or more affordable, especially if you choose Momentum Solar to get you off the grid.

In addition to the free estimates our solar installers in Orlando provide, they also do the free installation of your new solar panel system.

Best of all, Momentum Solar helps you with solar financing options, state and federal solar tax credits and solar rebates. When it comes to “anything solar” we are your experts.

Free Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Orlando

Start with a Free Estimate from Our Solar Installer

A Momentum Solar installer will come to you and help you choose the solar panel system best suited for your home and lifestyle. Your questions will be answered completely.

Here’s what happens in a nutshell when the solar installer arrives:

  1. Gives a free estimate.
  2. Helps you choose the system.
  3. Helps you through the financing and solar tax credits and rebates.
  4. Installs your system free of charge.

Solar panel Installation is fast too, typically it’s only two to three days from start to finish to get that solar panel system up and operational.

What Kind of Solar Panels Do You Want?

  • Low-cost, lower-efficiency economy solar panels?
  • Mid-range standard solar panel system.
  • A high-performance premium panel system to be certain that you will generate all the solar energy you need and have excess to sell to your local electric company taking advantage of one of Florida’s solar tax credits.

What Type of Solar Financing Works Best for you?

Cash? It’s always king, you’ll gain the best return on your money if you can do it.

A low-cost solar loan is your next option — there are some great loans for solar too – low interest, fixed-rate, unsecured, etc. These solar loans are the best option to pursue if you can’t do cash because you’ll be able to take full advantage of all solar tax credits and rebates at both the state and federal levels.

Some people go with the power purchase agreement (PPA) – this is the option where a third party buys the panels and you lease them from that third party. One nice advantage of the PPA is that the contract can be transferred to the new homeowner should you decide to sell.

Solar Tax Credits & Incentives

As the Florida solar incentives, rebates and tax credits are applied, both sales and property taxes are generally eliminated, and you’ll likely also be able to take advantage of net metering, where you build credit with your power company for the excess energy that you produce.

Then there’s the federal solar tax credit, which gives most homeowners 26% off the final cost of your solar panel system.

In case you haven’t heard, however, the federal government will begin phasing out that federal solar tax credit in 2020. Thus, the best savings to you is to get your new solar system installed before 2020 ends.

Is Solar Energy Right for You?

You may be surprised to know that Florida ranks in the top ten for sunlight. Add to that, Orlando boasts 233 sunny days annually. That’s 28 days higher than the US average.

More importantly, Orlando averages 5.4 peak sunlight hours a day, which is also well above the nation’s average.

There have never been so many incentives given to homeowners, but the government won’t keep this window open too much longer. If you care about saving money and saving the planet, then yes, going solar is the only right choice!

  • Solar Tax Credits
  • No Sales Tax
  • No Property Tax
  • 26% Solar Rebate on Purchase Price
  • Easy Solar Financing or Leasing
  • Free Estimate & Free Installation (with a Momentum Solar Installer)
  • No More Power Bill

Momentum Solar is a true one-stop-solar-shop that takes care of everything for you!

As a top-rated solar panel company, with top-notch solar installers in Orlando, we take each job from start to finish, including tree removal and roof repair when needed and we wrap it up with a 25-year warranty.

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