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Home Solar Panels in Pinellas Park, FL

Have you been dreaming of making the transition to renewable, solar energy? With its warm and sunny climate, Pinellas Park is an ideal location to make an investment in home solar panels.

Momentum Solar is one of the leading solar installers operating in Pinellas Park. We have helped hundreds of households make the transition to solar and have the local expertise required to make the process seamless for you. We are committed to providing you with the answers and support you need to help you make the transition to solar sooner rather than later.

How Much Can I Save with Solar Panels for My Home?

So just how much will you save with home solar panels in Pinellas Park? You can be assured that you will enjoy substantial savings throughout the entire 25-year lifespan of your panels. With solar, you will start saving money on your electric bill from the very first day that your solar panels are installed. The exact amount you save will depend upon your household’s energy consumption and the size of the residential solar system you have installed.

Solar Financing Options

We understand that switching to solar is a serious commitment, so we offer some solar financing options to make the transition as easy and affordable for you. Our most popular solar financing options include:

  • Solar loans: A loan can be used to pay for all or a portion of your residential solar system. We offer different types of loans, all with competitive rates and terms. With a solar loan, you will own the panels on your roof and be able to pay them off over a number of years.
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): Also referred to as a solar lease, this is an arrangement where you pay for the energy generated by your solar panels, but not the panels themselves. With a PPA, Momentum Solar will be completely responsible for owning and maintaining your solar panels, while you pay a reduced, fixed rate for the electricity they generate. This is a great option for those looking to save money through solar without the burden of owning solar panels.

Free Consultation with Pinellas Park’s Leading Solar Company

An investment in solar is one that will pay off over many years, so it is important to choose your solar company wisely. You want a company that will provide the highest level of service, reliable solar panels, and a team that can provide you with support for the entire lifespan of your solar system. Momentum Solar has become one of the leading solar installers in Pinellas Park for the following reasons:

  • Installation of the highest-rated solar panels (Tier 1 quality level)
  • A 25-year warrantee on our panels and components
  • Competitive solar financing options
  • Unmatched levels of customer service
  • A maintenance and support program to ensure your panels are always up and running

If you want to learn more about Momentum Solar and how you can switch to cleaner energy, call us for a free consultation at your Pinellas Park home. During this initial meeting, we will record the details of your home so we can provide you with a customized quote for your solar panels. Our team will also explain our solar financing options and how to utilize local incentives and solar tax credits to reduce the price of your system. Please contact us today to get started – we look forward to working with you!

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