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Residents of Seminole Florida can save big when they switch to solar. Solar panel systems are more affordable now than they have ever been, and regularly save homeowners thousands of dollars. Read on to learn more about available tax credits, incentives and financing options that can help you save a significant amount over the span of your system.

Solar Tax Credits

Seminole residents may be able to qualify for Solar Tax Credits and save significantly over the course of 20 years. To qualify, homeowners must own their solar panel systems instead of leasing them. Homeowners who purchase their solar energy systems can receive a 26% credit on their federal taxes as an incentive for using cleaner energy.

The Solar Tax Credit is a great opportunity for anyone who purchases solar panels, but it won’t last forever. After 2020 the credit lowers to 22% and will continue to decrease incrementally until the credit is no longer available after 2022.

Financing Options

Solar technology is becoming more affordable as technology improves, but we still want to provide our customers with more options to finance their systems in whatever way suits them best.

There are a few ways you can help cover the cost of your solar power system. Momentum Solar offers flexible options such as solar loans, cash credit and power purchase agreements (PPAs) to help our customers pay for their energy in the ways that are most convenient to them. Speak with a Momentum representative to find out which option may be the best fit for you and your family.

Energy Savings

When you switch to solar power, it’s likely that you’ll see an immediate decrease in your monthly utility bills. The sun’s energy is clean, abundant and free. Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and generate clean, price-protected electricity.

Our high-efficiency systems are designed to ensure that homeowners receive maximum offset from their system. This means that your panels are generating as much energy as they can during hours with sunlight. Homeowners with highly efficient panels do not need to use their neighborhood’s energy grid as much, as the sun is powering their homes during the day. The less energy you use from your neighborhood’s grid, the more savings you’ll see!

Momentum Solar

If you live in Seminole, Florida, then you might be trying to decide between many solar energy companies. At Momentum Solar, we are proud to provide our customers with high quality systems while offering caring customer service.

Momentum Solar is one of the fastest-growing alternative energy companies in the nation. We are committed to providing our customers with cleaner, price-protected energy at an affordable cost. Visit our website at or call 1(888)-MOMENTUM for more information.

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