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Take advantage of the new Connecticut tax credit for solar panels.

Find out exactly how much solar will save Hartford, CT homeowners

Annual Avg. Generation Service Charge for Connecticut Customers

Solar Energy in the Hartford, CT City

Contrary to popular belief, solar energy is a great option for those who live in cities like Hartford! Not only is solar a smart investment for long-term financial gain, it is also an important lifestyle change that is necessary for the improvement of our air quality.

Tax Incentives

Hartford Connecticut has one of the best state financial incentives for solar energy in the US, ranking 7th in the nation. The 26% Solar Tax Credits for solar panel systems lasts through the end of 2020, so now is the best time to make the switch!

Save on Your Utility Bill

For a residential 5 kW system in Hartford, the estimated energy savings per year amount to $1,567. Your 30-year savings can reach an estimated $32,345.

The cost of solar is much more affordable than you may believe. Reach out to your local Momentum Solar to discuss Solar Financing Options.

Hartford Needs Solar

Connecticut has some of the worst air pollution in the northeast region of the US. According to the American Lung Association, Hartford County’s pollution has increased in the past year. In fact, Hartford has received a failing grade from the lung association.

“Connecticut residents should be aware that we’re breathing unhealthy air, driven by emissions from power plants and extreme heat as a result of climate change, placing our health and lives at risk,” Ruth Canovi, advocacy director for the lung association’s Connecticut chapter, said of the new report [1].

Solar panels can improve Hartford’s air quality and reduce co2 emissions drastically. A 5,000-watt solar energy system can avoid emitting 9,606 pounds of co2 per year! [2]

Why Choose Momentum Solar?

Momentum Solar provides its customers with a first-class experience throughout their solar energy journey. Unlike other solar companies, Momentum takes care of everything from custom design, permitting and installation of every system.

Our mission is to provide cleaner energy while helping our customers take control over rising electricity costs. We firmly believe that solar energy helps homeowners improve their environment while achieving their financial goals.

Lower Energy Bills

A 5kW system may save someone in Hartford up to $130.57 on an average month. The average Connecticut electricity bill comes out to about $153.13 per month. How to apply

Compare Bills

This customer’s bill is estimated to be $150 lower than the previous bill.

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