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Every so often, homeowners have concerns about their monthly energy bills. Contrary to popular belief, energy bills do not have to be as inconsistent and high as they are with traditional energy. The answer to lowering your energy bill can be found in residential solar systems.

Many people have questions about solar energy, particularly about financing their solar panels. How do budget-conscious people make those decisions? Is it really that simple and affordable? Can I expect to save a significant amount? When will the savings happen? And finally, what’s best for me? Here at Momentum Solar, our professionals are here to answer those questions for you. Here’s a quick overview of residential solar systems and how they benefit homeowners like you.

Why solar energy?

Let’s start by taking a look at why savvy homeowners choose residential solar systems. The first reason generally is that solar helps homeowners save long term. Solar energy systems require a serious commitment and investment in order to ensure a highly efficient system. Once the panels are installed, homeowners can enjoy a low-maintenance system and lower energy costs.

From a non-financial perspective, many people make a switch to solar energy because it is a better option for the future. Clean energy, sustainability and conserving resources such as coal and oil may not have a direct financial impact on your home, they have a much greater impact on the future than most people realize

Now that the two major reasons behind most people’s switch to solar energy have been explored somewhat, what are the costs of solar energy in Bayonne, New Jersey?

What are the costs of solar energy?

The short answer is that it depends. In general, the initial starting cost of a solar panel system will be about the same as a new car. That will be the ballpark in which most solar installers will quote you an initial price.

If that starting cost is still too high there are federal tax incentives, local benefits and energy company rebates that may be available to you. These can significantly drop the initial price of solar energy to a much more affordable level. For more exact numbers, contact us today.

The Momentum Solar promise to you.

Here at Momentum Solar, we understand that switching to a solar energy system can be intimidating. Homeowners need to learn the facts, find out their options and make an educated decision about how best to move forward on this serious decision.

That’s why our friendly professionals are here to help. We know the different kinds of tax credits and rebates that are available today. We know how to pair these with specialized solar system loans and financing options so that you save the maximum amount. It’s what we’re best at.

Let us help you make the right decisions for you and your home in Bayonne, New Jersey

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