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At first glance, solar energy may be intimidating for the average homeowner. You may be thinking: “Is solar energy affordable and accessible?”

The answer is yes! Budget-conscious people can still make a smart investment in solar energy systems. When they crunch the actual numbers, it makes sense for them. How is this possible?

There are plenty of state and federal incentives to help homeowners make the switch to clean energy. Federal tax credits and local rebates help dull the upfront investment to some extent. To help customers even more, Momentum Solar offers a variety of solar financing options. What are your options for financing and why is it worth the investment?

Financing plans from Momentum Solar

At present, Momentum Solar offers a 25-year lease. Our in-house financing options include:

  • Loans
  • Cash
  • Cash Credit
  • and PPA

Our loan is specifically designed for a residential solar panel array and overall system. The lifespans of the systems range from about 25 to 30 years. If you need financing, these specialized loans can give you a boost towards harvesting clean energy for you and your family for years to come.

In addition, these financing plans can work in tandem with government tax credits, local rebates and state benefits. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

Are you still wondering if solar panels are worth this investment? Let’s take a deeper dive into the reasons people invest in solar panels and why you should too.

Are solar panels worth the investment?

We understand the switching to solar is a big commitment, and the overflow of information can at first be overwhelming. However, when you break down the numbers you will see that solar energy can result in big savings in the long run.

Energy prices are rising, and they aren’t going to go down anytime soon. Solar energy, while requiring an upfront investment, will stay steady or go down as the years go by. In fact, homeowners may see a substantial increase in the amount of money they’re able to save over the lifespan of a residential solar panel system in Caldwell, New Jersey.

Homes with solar panels also generally see an increase in their overall value. This may pay off over time, especially if you decide to sell your home.

Why should I work with Momentum Solar?

Most people don’t understand solar energy, solar panels and all the things that go into our solar array system. Our solar specialists at Momentum solar are here to walk you through the process and answer all of your questions along the way. Momentum Solar has a proven track record for success and friendly professionals that can make the switch so much easier for you.

At the end of the day, you need a company that understands you and your home’s needs. And that’s what the professionals at Momentum Solar offer you.

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