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Solar energy in Glen Ridge, New Jersey may be the alternative energy source that you and your home need today. Alternative energy forms have been steadily rising in popularity, accessibility and efficiency and they will only continue to do so over time.

In addition, residential solar panel systems can increase the overall value of your home. Most homeowners generally qualify for tax credits and can take advantage of many solar incentives. How can you take advantage of your solar energy options?

Momentum Solar is here to answer your questions.

What should I know about residential solar panels and solar systems?

Interested homeowners should know that solar panels offer many advantages. The first of these is that solar panels can decrease your energy bills significantly, unlike residential electricity bills which have been rising and are predicted to keep rising over time.

Solar panels are also affordable thanks to tax credits, local rebates, financing options and other incentives that can further cut the cost. And that’s before the savings that solar energy offers homeowners over time are factored into the equation.

That all being said, it’s still a sizable upfront investment. Many people may not have the cash to pay for a solar panel system right away. That’s where solar financing can be most helpful. Let’s take a look.

What are my solar financing options?

Some of the most common solar financing options include:

  • Loans
  • Cash
  • Cash Credit
  • and PPA

Specialized loans may be also offered, depending on your situation. For example, Momentum Solar offers a 25-year loan that is specifically designed for solar energy and solar panels. If you decide to move, this loan rolls over to the buyer of your house so you’re not stuck paying for a system you’re not using.

In order to make sure that you’re getting all the savings that you can in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, contact the professionals at Momentum Solar today!

Why do people choose Momentum Solar?

Unlike many other home renovations, solar panel systems are not something that’s easy to understand the ramifications of immediately. It’s very important in these cases to have a tried and true professional come to your house and assess your needs. And what better place to learn about solar energy than from the energy experts and professionals than a well-respected company with a great track record?

That’s exactly what Momentum Solar offers you and your home in Glen Ridge. Our industry experts will personally assess your house, discuss your options with you, and create a tailored plan for your unique situation. We explain to you the confusing terminology, the unfamiliar equipment and the overall benefits of a residential solar energy system.

When your system needs fixing, we will be there. When you have questions, our employees are ready and willing to help.

Contact us today to start your informed journey to clean, renewable energy.

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