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With the number of solar installations increasing across the state, it is safe to say that New Jersey’s solar revolution is here to stay. If you are considering joining the revolution, there are a few things to know about getting custom solar panels for your Hoboken home. In order to make the most of your investment, you’ll need to partner with a Hoboken solar company that has a history and reputation of providing the highest quality solar installations.

Free Solar Panel Installation Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Hoboken, NJ

At Momentum Solar, we have helped thousands of Hoboken residents make the transition to solar. Our experience in this market allows us to create custom solar solutions that will adequately meet your energy requirements and ensure you enjoy cost savings for decades to come.

Why a Custom Solar System Is Important

To ensure that your solar panels will operate efficiently and provide you with an adequate amount of electricity, you need an experienced solar installer to size up your property and energy needs before providing a quote for your solar panels. These are the factors that we take into consideration:

  • Your average annual electricity consumption
  • The size of your home
  • The angle of your roof
  • Type of roof tiles installed

These factors influence the number of panels you will need and how they should be installed to ensure maximum energy production. Your family’s electricity requirements dictate how large your system should be. In Hoboken, a 4-person family in an average-sized home typically needs a 6-kilowatt system to provide an adequate amount of electricity throughout the year.

Cost of Custom Solar Panels in Hoboken, NJ

At Momentum Solar, our quote for custom solar panels in Hoboken will include all of the costs associated with planning, building, and installing your solar panels. Your exact cost will vary based on the factors mentioned above and the size of the system you require.

Solar Financing Options for Your Custom Solar System

Ready to start saving money with solar panels? You don’t need to save for years in order to afford solar panels for your Hoboken home. At Momentum Solar, we offer our customers a few solar financing options to help you go solar. Our two most popular options are:

  • Solar loans: A loan can be used to pay for all or a portion of the costs of your custom solar panels. We have a variety of loans available, each with competitive rates and flexible terms.
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): With a PPA, Momentum Solar will own your solar panels and be completely responsible for all associated costs. You will only pay for the electricity generated by the panels, at a fixed rate that is lower than the cost of buying from the grid.

Both of these solar financing options are popular among our Hoboken customers who seek a way to transition to solar sooner rather than later. During your free consultation, we can help you decide which solar financing option is right for you.

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As one of the leading solar installers in Hoboken, NJ, we are happy to provide all new customers with a free consultation and quotation for custom solar panels. If you’re ready to learn more about solar panels for your home, please contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

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