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Are you thinking about going solar? With the number of residential solar installations steadily increasing across New Jersey, there is a good chance that at least one of your neighbors has made the smart decision to invest in solar. If you are thinking about making the transition, a crucial first step will be to choose the best solar company in your area.

With hundreds of satisfied local customers, Momentum Solar is proud to be one of the leading solar installers in Kearny, NJ. We have earned this status by consistently providing a high level of customer service and the best solar panels in town. We invite you to learn more about our company by scheduling a free consultation with one of our solar installers – see for yourself why so many Kearny residents have decided to purchase or lease solar panels from us.

The Highest-Rated Solar Panels in Kearny

When you decide to go solar, you are making an investment in your future. Like any investment, there are certain factors that will influence just how much money you stand to make. A major factor in the success of your solar panels is how efficiently they are able to generate electricity – it is important to know that not all panels offer a high level of performance. Unfortunately, there are some solar installers in Kearny who are selling an inferior product. These solar panels may cost less in the short-term, but over time they will not provide sufficient output and are likely to deteriorate more rapidly.

At Momentum Solar, all of our solar panels have earned a Tier 1 quality rating. This is a voluntary and independent process that solar companies undergo to determine the quality level of their solar panels. A Tier 1 quality rating indicates that our solar panels will be able to convert the highest level of the sun’s energy into useable electricity and that they will outlast solar panels with a lower rating. By choosing Momentum Solar, you can be sure that you are getting the best solar panels on the market today.

Excellent Customer Service: Before, During, and After!

From your very first contact with Momentum Solar, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Our Kearny solar installers are truly committed to helping you transition to clean, solar energy and want to make the process as easy as possible. We begin by offering a free consultation at your home. During this meeting, we will provide advice about the size and type of solar panels you need, as well as information about the solar financing options available to you. After the consultation, you’ll be a given a no-obligation quote for your solar panel system.

If you decide to move forward, our team will handle all of the planning and installation logistics. We will keep you informed each step of the way through the Momentum Solar App, a mobile app that we created specifically for our customers to keep track of upcoming milestones during the installation process. Once your panels are installed, we also provide ongoing maintenance and servicing of your solar panels.

Another way we help our customers transition to solar is by providing a variety of solar financing options. We offer solar loans with competitive rates and terms to help you purchase your solar panels without needing to save for years before investing in solar. If you are not interested in owning solar panels, you can enjoy the cost savings of solar through a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). In this arrangement, we will own your panels, and you will pay only for the electricity they generate.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

If you’re ready to learn more about our leading team of solar installers in Kearny, we encourage you to contact us today to arrange your free consultation. Let us show you why Momentum Solar is the best choice when it comes to protecting your investment in solar. Our team is standing by to take your call!

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