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Ten years ago, cellular devices were still in their infancy. Now, we have small processing powerhouses in our pockets that were undreamed of twenty-five and fifty years ago! Similar advances have happened to solar energy. What was uncommon, cost-prohibitive, and/or a plaything for wealthy individuals is now becoming a way of life.

Just like the latest smartphones, solar energy makes life so much easier! It saves time, energy and more. Plus, Momentum Solar offers solar financing options to make the transition to clean energy even easier.

And unlike the newest smartphone, solar energy pays itself forward both fiscally and environmentally. Let’s take a look.

Solar power systems in detail

Residential solar systems are usually composed of solar panel arrays on top of your house that are connected to your neighborhood’s grid. This is where the power for your home will come from.

Solar panels can have many different appearances to fit a variety of home sizes, energy needs and so on. Contact us at Momentum Solar to learn about your options.

Now that we’ve looked at solar power systems in detail, what are some of the benefits that homeowners can expect to receive?

Benefits of residential solar systems

Some of the benefits of residential solar systems include:

  • Gaining additional savings from overall lower energy costs
  • Giving back to the environment, instead of adding pollution
  • Using renewable energy for your needs, instead of burning through precious resources.
  • Leveraging tax benefits in order to cover the additional costs
  • And more!

While not every North Haledon homeowner is familiar with all the benefits of solar energy, it can’t be denied that solar energy saves homeowners quite a fair chunk of money. Unlike traditional forms of energy, solar panel systems will pay themselves back over a period of about 25 years.

Depending on your unique situation, you may even get rebates back from your local energy companies! These can be applied to other utility bills, such as water and air conditioning.

Momentum Solar’s promise to you

Here at Momentum Solar, we understand that solar energy is not your area of expertise. That’s all right! When you work with Momentum Solar, you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of in underhand ways that only the experts know how to do. We treat our employees, customers and interested parties exactly the same: like family.

That’s the Momentum Solar promise to you.

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