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There are a lot of myths out there about solar energy that can be discouraging. However, many of these myths are dated or simply untrue! There has never been a better time to switch to solar.

Let’s look at residential solar systems and the benefits that heave to offer. By separating fact from fiction, you will be able to make an educated decision regarding your energy needs.

Residential Solar Installation 101

A residential solar panel installation not as complicated as you may have heard. First, your home will be assessed to determine if your home qualifies for solar energy, how many panels you would need and what kind of design would be most efficient. Once you qualify and determine the logistics of your project, we can then get you on track to installation by receiving the correct permits, designing a custom system and finally mounting the panels to your roof.

This process is easy if you choose the right solar company to guide you along the way. Once your home is energized and running on solar power, you can relax and enjoy your clean energy. Best of all, panels require very little maintenance once they are up and running.

The cost for a solar varies from home to home. Factors including your home’s location, size and energy needs weigh significantly on the design of your panels, making it difficult to give our customers a truthful “average” price. We can say across the board that we design solar panel systems to be as efficient as possible, maximizing your savings on your monthly utility bill. On top of these monthly savings, you can also qualify for a variety of tax incentives and rebates to lower the cost even more.

Momentum Solar also offers a variety of solar financing options to help our customers cover the cost of their systems. Ask a Momentum Solar representative about these options to find the plan that’s right for you.

What To Expect From Your Solar System

Residential homeowners who invest in solar can expect many different benefits. These include lower energy costs, clean energy usage and long-term savings. In addition, as traditional energy prices rise, the operation costs for your solar panel system will remain the same.

Massapequa, New York is a great place for solar energy. If you value clean energy and want to invest in your future, installing solar panels can be a great move.

Momentum Solar’s Promise

Our clients and customers choose to work with us because we offer expertise and a family-oriented mindset. Our solar experts will walk you through the entire solar process from initial assessment through installation and energization of your system.

At Momentum Solar, we want what’s best for you and your family. Contact us today to get started on your journey to cleaner energy.

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