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Rising Electric Bills in Northampton County, PA Have Homeowners Looking to Home Solar Systems to Lower Power Bills

Frigid winters and oppressively humid summers coupled with electric rates that run higher than the national average have residents looking to power their homes with solar panels.

As Northampton County, PA homeowners are actively pursuing ways to reduce their higher-than-average power bills, home solar systems have been getting much more attention.

Free Solar Panel Installation Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Northampton County, PA

Most homeowners agree that the money they spend each month to power their homes conventionally could be better spent investing in a home solar system. In many cases, the monthly payment a homeowner would make on that home solar system will be less than what they spend to power their homes conventionally.

This makes solar energy very inviting. As technology has advanced in the solar power industry, the ability to collect solar energy, the most abundant energy source available to us, and then convert it and power our homes and lifestyles with it has become the logical choice.

Although initially, solar power became of interest in the United States as an alternative energy source that could help combat pollution, today people recognize that home solar systems are smart, efficient and even cost effective.

For many years, it was believed that home solar systems would only be a viable alternative in sun-drenched states or regions. However, as the cost to obtain home solar systems have dramatically decreased and the state and federal solar tax incentives have become quite generous, solar power is no longer just for the sun-drenched regions.

It may surprise you to learn that according to SEIA and the US Census Bureau, Pennsylvania now ranks 22nd in the nation for the number of home solar systems that have been installed.

Many homeowners love that the money they once shelled out to electric companies as an expense is now an investment in their home solar system which helps them to stay off the grid, go green, and improves the value of their home.

What’s the First Step to Getting a Home Solar System?

Your first step is to contact us here at Momentum Solar and request that one of our solar installers come to your home and give you a free estimate for a home solar system.

Our solar installer will answer any questions you have about solar panels, how the system works, and how you convert the sun’s energy into power for your home.

Here at Momentum Solar, we help in all aspects of going solar. One of the big questions most Northampton County homeowners have is how to pay for their home solar system.

If a homeowner can’t pay cash for the solar panels, then Momentum Solar offers competitive solar financing. They also help the homeowners get the generous solar tax rebate offered by the federal government. This solar tax rebate is 26% off the cost of the home solar system until December 31, 2020. Then the solar tax rebate drops to 22%.

Momentum Solar also offers power purchase agreements (PPA). A PPA is a leasing program that is available to homeowners who would rather lease than purchase their home solar systems, however, it should be noted that the federal tax rebate will not be available to homeowners who lease, so it’s better to buy.

Here’s a Brief Overview of the Steps to Get a Home Solar System in Northampton County, PA

  • Our Momentum Solar Installer will arrive at your home and give you a free solar consultation and free estimate. He’ll help you select the home solar system that best suits your Northampton County home and lifestyle.
  • If you’re not paying cash, Momentum Solar will help with solar financing. We’ll also help to ensure you get your solar tax credits.
  • You’ll get your new home solar system installed and energized.
  • You’ll enjoy our top-rated home solar system and have caring and professional customer support from us for any of your needs.

If you should need tree trimming or roof repair, Momentum Solar will get that done. You’ll enjoy our 25-year warranty too.

Momentum Solar is a true full-service company that takes care of everything for you! As a top-rated alternative energy company, with top-notch solar installers in Northampton County, PA, we take each job from start to finish, including tree removal and roof repair, and we provide ongoing customer support after your home solar system is operational.

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