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Solar Financing Options in Connecticut

Momentum Solar works tirelessly to provide residents of Connecticut with clean, price-protected energy

Here at Momentum, we understand that switching to solar power can be a big decision – which is why we offer our Connecticut customers a variety of solar financing options to suit their needs.

Solar financing options for Connecticut state

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA):

The Power Purchase Agreement gives qualified homeowners the opportunity to pay for the energy that their system produces at a predictable rate that is lower than the local utility rate, but they pay little to no upfront cost for the system itself. Homeowners with a PPA also have price protection from rising electricity costs for the duration of the solar agreement. At the end of the agreement the PPA can be extended, or the system can be removed or purchased.

Solar Lease:

Like the PPA, homeowners can lease their solar panel system with little to no upfront costs. Leases offer a flat, fixed monthly rate for the solar panels whereas PPA agreements offer a rate based on specific energy production.

Solar Loan:

If you take out a loan to pay for your solar system, you are still eligible for the 30% federal solar tax credit. Solar loans allow homeowners to still see incredible savings on their energy bill without having to buy their system outright. At Momentum Solar, we can help you find a loan at a great rate to fund the purchase of your system.

Residents of Connecticut can qualify for several state and federal incentive programs that will save even more money. If you’re still concerned about the cost of solar, ask us about Momentum’s flexible payment options. We offer customized payment plans that can include $0 upfront cost – saving you up to 30% off your electricity bill immediately.

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