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Take Advantage of Local Texas Tax Incentives for Solar Panels

Find out exactly how much solar will save Austin, TX homeowners

Expert Solar Contractors Help You Convert to Solar

It can seem overwhelming to go over your solar energy options – there’s so much to learn and so many choices.

Momentum Solar is proud to be one of the leading solar installers in Austin. Our team is committed to helping making the transition to solar as smooth as possible by offering support at all phases of the process.

A helpful way you can carefully consider your choices is by creating a checklist of your energy needs. Momentum Solar is happy to help you check off all of your requirements!

Free Solar Panel Installation Estimates from a Momentum Solar Installer in Austin, TX

Start with the “Going Solar” Checklist

  • Are you in a good area for solar energy?
  • What solar tax incentives can you qualify for?
  • What solar rebates can you get?
  • Should you lease or finance your system if cash payment is not an option?

You Need a Solar Company that Can Manage the Diverse Solar Incentives Texas Offers

Texas is a great state for solar energy! In fact, Momentum Solar is quite well known in Austin. Not only do we know what tax incentives you can and cannot qualify for, but we can also tell you if your city has a solar credit-friendly power company for your excess solar energy or if they may have a nice solar rebate for you.

Going Solar with the Right Solar Contractors Makes Everything a Breeze

Should you choose a Momentum Solar contractor then the process gets simplified for you. Your solar contractor will come to your home, sit down with you and give you a free consultation and a free estimate.

You’ll be taken through the information that you need to understand and choose the best solar panel system for your home and lifestyle. But that’s only the beginning!

Your Momentum Solar Contractor is an expert on the state and federal rebates and tax credits that you will qualify for and will make sure they are all applied.

Momentum Solar also offers a variety of solar financing options. We will provide you with all available information so you can make the decision on which solar financing option suits your needs.

Momentum Solar is so dedicated to helping people go solar, and we want to provide our customers with cleaner, price-protected energy. We get it! In simplest terms, it’s so much easier to go solar when you’ve got a team who knows the process inside and out!

The best way to ensure you’ve got that “Going Solar” checklist covered is to put yourself and your home in the knowledgeable and caring hands of Momentum Solar.

Give yourself the best solar contractor in Austin by choosing Momentum Solar. To get started, contact our solar installers today to schedule your free consultation – it’s an easy, no obligation way to learn more about Momentum Solar and get an exact cost of a solar system for your home.

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