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Helotes is one of the best places to live in Texas – it’s a beautiful, rural area with plenty to offer its residents. This easy-going atmosphere and friendly neighborhood is treasured by so many, so let’s work together to keep it wonderful. Switching to solar energy is a great way to keep the community feeling cleaner while saving money along the way.

There are so many solar installers in the Texas area, so we know it can be a challenge to pick the right one for you. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of things you should look for when choosing which solar installer to work with!

  1. Check company credentials

    We recommend thoroughly researching each solar energy company’s website to see how long they’ve been in the solar industry and which certifications they have. If you cannot find any information on their website, give them a call to inquire about their qualifications.

    Momentum Solar has been a leader in the industry since 2009. Ask a representative to learn more about our certifications!

  2. Solar panel quality

    Solar panels are categorized into three tiers based on their quality. Tier 1 panels are the highest quality, while Tier 3 are the lowest. The higher the tier the more expensive the panels are, however higher quality tiers are more efficient and save owners the most on their energy bills. We recommend sticking with higher quality panels to ensure that your system is productive and lasts for 20 or more years.

    We proudly offer only Tier 1 solar panels to ensure that our customers get the most out of their solar power systems. On top of that, we help Helotes residents like you pay for their systems using a combination of solar incentives and financing options.

  3. Payment options

    Many solar energy companies offer financing options to help customers find a payment plan that works for them. These options include cash payment, cash credit, solar loans or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Some homeowners wish to own their panels to qualify for additional benefits and for a long-term lifestyle choice, while others choose leases where they do not have to fully pay for panels but they do not own the system.

  4. Customer service

    Unless you are a solar expert, you may have questions after your installation is complete. Look into each solar company’s customer services to see what resources will be available to you. Whether you need maintenance or just simply need questions answered, you want a company that can assist you at your earliest convenience.

    At Momentum, our customer service is second to none. We handle the entire process from solar enrollment through customized design, engineering, permitting, installation and activation of every system to ensure a seamless transition to renewable energy.

  5. Free quote

    If you’ve narrowed your search down and think you’ve found the right solar energy company, start your journey with a no-obligation free quote. Not only will you see exactly how much your solar power system will cost, but you will get the opportunity to interact with installers and gain a final impression before committing.

    Ask a Momentum solar installer for your free quote today!

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