Top 8 Solar Myths – Busted

Top 8 Solar Myths – Busted

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Top 8 Solar Myths – Busted

Myth: Solar energy isn’t efficient enough for your home’s electricity needs

Average solar panels operate between 14-16% efficiency, while some of the higher efficiency panels operate up to 22.5%. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you consider the energy conversion ratio, you can very easily produce the solar energy you need to not only power your home but to take advantage of net metering and earn some energy credits when your system overproduces. Over 95% of Momentum Solar customers achieve a 100% offset from harmful fossil fuels with high efficiency panels.

Myth: Installing solar panels is pricey

Decades ago, solar panels were including expensive to purchase and install so were out of the question for the majority of middle class homeowners. Years later, this is still a common misconception for those that have not been educated on the recent history of solar energy in the United States. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was implemented in 2006, and prices overall have dropped dramatically since then. The cost to install solar has dropped by over 70% which has allowed the industry to explore new markets and increase solar capacity through the country.

Myth: It takes more energy to manufacture solar panels than the equipment will generate in its lifetime

With solar panels now operating at the highest efficiency ever, it’s proven that they produce more energy than it takes to manufacture them. According to a recent study, for every time solar capacity doubled in the Us, the energy used to produce the panels dropped by 12-13% and greenhouse gas emissions dropped by 17-24%. So not only does it take less energy to produce them, but the reduction of harmful emissions has been documented.

Myth: Solar panels don’t work well in cold weather

Au contraire! Colder weather actually INCREASES solar panel efficiency. While production tends to be higher in the summer due to the length of daylight, they actually perform more optimally in cooler temperatures. The production is only lower because of shorter days during winter. No wonder countries like Germany are leading the world in solar — the climate is naturally cooler all year round.

Myth: Solar panels drain the sun’s energy

This is one of our favorite myths! Completely outrageous as it sounds, there are people out there against solar energy citing this very reason. The reality is, the sun admits solar radiation daily, regardless whether or not it’s used. It’s simply a source of energy that’s always there that we chose to utilize. Nothing we do will change the amount of radiation that is emitted from the sun.

Myth: Solar panels require too much maintenance after installation

This is simply not true. Most, if not all, solar companies offer complimentary maintenance, a workmanship warranty, and an equipment warranty as part of the 20-25 year solar agreement that homeowners sign. Making the installation and post-installation process completely worry-free, this is one of the many perks of choosing a solar provider like Momentum Solar.

Myth: Installation methods will put holes in your roof

Solar installation companies like Momentum Solar take pride in the equipment they use as well as their carefully crafted racking methods. This is to ensure that no damage is done to the roof whatsoever. Any damages associated with installation are extremely rare, and the condition of the roof must be taken into consideration. Momentum always assesses the age and condition of the roof prior to installation, and offers “at cost” repairs or replacement when necessary. If in the event there ARE damages caused by the installation, it’s a complimentary repair.

Myth: Your taxes will go up

Nope! In fact, if you purchase the system, you’re eligible for a 30% tax credit. To boot, solar panel systems increase the value of your property by up to an average of $15,000.


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