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How Much Does Solar Panel System Cost?

Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems are an unobtrusive and silent way to generate your own clean, renewable electricity.

Residential Solar Systems

More and more homeowners are choosing to invest in a residential solar system to enjoy price-protected electricity for 25-years or more.

Home Solar System

A home solar system is a modern way to power your home, while reducing your electricity bill and reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar energy systems are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. As the cost of solar panel systems continues to fall, more homeowners than ever have been able to invest in this remarkable technology. If you’re looking for a way to lower or eliminate your electric bill and enjoy price-protected energy for decades to come, a residential solar system may be the right choice for you.

How Solar Energy Systems Work

If you are just getting started on your solar journey, you will be interested to learn how solar energy systems work. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that solar panel systems actually consist of very few parts and are remarkably simple in their operation. Solar panels are the key component of all solar electric systems. In most cases, solar panels are mounted on a home’s rooftop, but they may also be installed elsewhere on the property if the rooftop does not receive adequate sun exposure.

In a solar energy system, electricity is generated within the solar panels. This happens when sunlight hits the panels and excites atoms contained within the photovoltaic cells. As electrons split away from the atoms, a direct current (DC) of electricity is formed. So the electricity can be used inside the home, the DC electricity is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity by the solar inverter component of a home solar system.

Also attached to the system is a meter that keeps track of all the electricity generated by the solar panel system and consumed within the home. If your home solar system creates more electricity than you need, the excess will be fed back into the grid. If your local power company offers net metering, you’ll receive credits for any excess electricity produced by your solar energy system. These credits can be used at a later point, such as winter, when your home solar system may not create as much electricity.

Benefits of Residential Solar Systems

There are many reasons why our customers choose to invest in a residential solar system. Some of the most popular reasons include:

  • Dramatic reduction (or even elimination) of monthly electric bill
  • Provision of price-protected electricity for the full lifetime of your system
  • Solar panel systems reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, which contribute to global warming
  • Silent, unobtrusive operation
  • Long lifespan with minimal maintenance required
  • Excellent solar financing options available that can help you go solar for $0 down
Paying for Your Solar Panel System

The price of solar panel systems has fallen dramatically in recent years, making it more affordable for homeowners across the country. However, many of our customers do not wish to sink their savings into a residential solar system if they do not need to. Fortunately, we are able to offer a variety of financing options to help our customers enjoy the benefits of a solar energy system. Our financing options include both solar loans and solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Both of these options can help you go solar for as little as $0 down, which means you no longer need to put off your dream of transitioning to clean, renewable solar energy!

If you’re ready to learn more about home solar systems, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our team of expert solar installers. We provide this service to all new customers as a way for them to learn more about solar energy systems and determine if this is right choice for their family. Please contact us today to get started – we look forward to hearing from you!


Are there any hidden costs?

Simply put—no. During the free consultation, we’ll outline precisely what you can expect to get from our relationship. With many of our programs, there is no money down and you’ll be able to see immediate savings once your solar system is activated.

Who fixes the panels if there is an issue?

No need to worry if your panels need fixing. An iron-clad product warranty and worry-free maintenance is built into your solar agreement. We’ll keep your system functioning optimally and will monitor it to detect and resolve any issues that may arise.

will i still be connected to the grid?

When you go solar, there will be times that your system isn’t generating quite enough power—like after sunset. The majority of solar customers remain connected to the electric grid for easy access to power after dark.

What is net metering?

The good news is that when your solar panels produce more power than your home can use, the excess electricity is automatically sent back into the grid. The meter actually spins backwards, building a ‘bank’ of credits with your utility company. The process is referred to as “net metering,” and is another financial perk of home solar.

What if i lose power?

For the safety of workers that are fixing power outages, it is a utility regulation for solar power systems to shut off during blackouts if there is a connection to the grid.

What if i want to sell my home?

If you sell your home, you can transfer your solar agreement to the new homeowner pursuant to the terms of your solar service agreement. The process is very easy and offers electricity savings, which is a great selling point when your home is on the market. The Momentum Solar Customer Experience team will walk you through the entire process, but it’s important that you contact us by email at or by phone at 732.902.6224 as soon as you decide to sell your home.

Why are agreements 20-25 years in duration?

The reason for a 20 or 25-year term is to keep your rate per kWh as low as possible. Your solar savings are either locked in or predictable so that you can enjoy peace of mind for years to come.

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