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Why Solar Energy Is a Major Advantage for You

Solar system installation to Connecticut residentsIt always pays to be prescient when it comes to new technology; and today in 2019, the advancement of solar energy is no different. Look at it this way: over the last decade, the cost of a residential solar installation has fallen over 70%, while the size and variety of tax incentives for their purchase have only increased. Whether you live in Hartford County, CT, or any of a number of states throughout the US, you’re poised to win by investing in solar energy now.

One Benefit of Solar: It’s As Clean As Energy Gets

Slowly but surely it’s been dawning on the inhabitants of Planet Earth that we need to migrate away from our dependence on fossil fuels to sources of clean and renewable energy. Nothing less than a major rehaul will allow us to avert a climate catastrophe and survive as a civilization past the 21st Century. But alarming as all that sounds, the answer is as simple as it is glaring: drawing that energy from the Sun. Unlike fossil fuels, which cost capital to extract, and harm the environment in the process, solar has the advantage of producing no pollution of any kind, and being more or less infinite in supply.

Autonomy Over Your Electricity: a Perk of Solar Energy

Here’s perhaps the most joyous part of going solar in 2019: independence and autonomy over your utilities. We’ve all experienced the financial pinch of a harsh summer or winter; and while solar energy won’t always get you completely off the grid, it’s honestly as close as it gets. As power outages and extreme weather becomes more the norm, solar energy gives you the advantage of a home that’s equipped to handle any situation.

Installing and Maintaining a Residential Solar Energy System

As far as sources of renewable energy go, solar’s one of the easiest both to install and to maintain. While wind and geothermal requires elaborate drilling, solar energy can be installed without the use of any wires, cords or additional power sources. Incredibly minimalistic and self-sufficient, a residential solar system can seamlessly blend into any home, and go without a single repair for decades. Batteries have also substantially dropped in price, making solar energy even more advantageous and affordable for the average homeowner.

The Real Advantage to Solar Energy: Tax Breaks and State Rebates

Who doesn’t love the idea of being rewarded by the government for investing in their own home? Aside from the fact that a solar energy system will add substantial value to your home, it’ll also qualify you for rebates, loans and tax exemptions if you live in a progressive area like Hartford County, CT. States are eager to push their residents to take advantage of solar energy now, because of what it yields and symbolizes. But the immediate benefit to you: thousands of dollars in your pocket, and the reassurance that your neighbors have every reason to do the same.

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Momentum Solar, founded in 2009, is a top solar contractor and Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company. Momentum Solar manages the entire customer life cycle from the sale to design, engineering, permitting, installation and activation of the system to make the process simple for homeowners and business owners.

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Best Time to Go Solar

Best Time to Go Solar

Is There a “Best Time” to Go Solar?

Summer months have always been considered optimal for solar “output” or, how much electricity your solar system is producing versus what you’re using from the grid. The main reason for this is the fact that there are more hours of sunlight, so more solar power is produced overall. Since the sun is beaming for more hours during summer days, people often see a correlation between solar energy and summertime. The actual efficiency of each panel drops as temperatures rise, though, and it’s been proven that panels perform better in cooler temperatures. The reason your system may produce less during autumn and winter months is simply because there are less hours of sunlight for your system to soak up.Don’t get us wrong – we still live for the summer months. Because the days are longer, the system often OVER produces energy during this time, so any extra energy is pushed back into the grid to build a bank of credits with your utility company — this is called net metering. You’ll be able to easily use these credits when your system doesn’t produce as much solar energy during shorter days. There really isn’t a “right” or “wrong” time to make the switch to cleaner, more affordable energy – just keep in mind that depending on the time of year, inspections and installations may be halted due to inclement weather.About Momentum Solar
Momentum Solar, founded in 2009, is a top solar contractor and Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company that employs over 600 people nationwide. The company is committed to making solar panels affordable, providing savings for their clients, and helping the environment. Their team of in-house professionals has an extensive wealth of knowledge in designing customized solar power systems for both residential and commercial properties. Momentum Solar manages the entire customer lifecycle from the sale to design, engineering, permitting, installation and activation of the system to make the process simple for homeowners and business owners.For any media-related inquiries, please contact:
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