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7 Tips for How to Explain Solar to Your Loved Ones

7 Tips for How to Explain Solar to Your Loved Ones

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Whether you have family or friends looking to go solar, they’re simply interested in learning more or you want to educate them on the benefits out of your own excitement, we can help! The dedicated solar team at Momentum takes the process of going green and simplifies it. In fact, we can help homeowners just like you save on their monthly utility bill and offset their carbon footprint.

Below are 7 helpful tricks you can use to discuss solar with your loved ones!

1. Give Them the Basics

Let’s keep it simple – we don’t want to confuse anyone from the start. Simply tell them that solar energy is the process of converting the light from the sun into to energy to power your electrical needs.

2. All About the Tech

While there is some pretty cool technology involved, below is a simple breakdown you can use to explain how the suns light is converted into usable energy.

  • Solar cells and modules are combined in solar panels to absorb the suns light and produce electricity through the photovoltaic effect.
  • This electricity is sent to an inverter, which transforms the electricity from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC), this is what powers your home and devices.
  • Your inverter then feeds the AC electricity to your electrical panel and lights up your home.
  • Next, your electrical meter will keep track of the electricity produced, and any excess that is produced is measured by the meter and sent back to your utility company. These are also known as “solar credits”.
  • Lastly, for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity a solar system sends to the grid, you may be able to get a credit on your electrical bill depending on the area you live in. This is called net metering.[1]

3. Saving Money with Solar is Good for the Family

What would you do with extra cash each month? Would you save it, go out to dinner, visit an amusement park, buy extra school supplies, send the kids to summer camp or tutoring?! Well, by going solar, all these options could be possible. When you go solar you have the opportunity to save monthly* and save for the remainder of time that you have your system!

4. No Better Time to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Once of the biggest issues that comes from burning fossil fuels is the warming effects it has on the planet. So far, the Earth has already warmed 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and by the year 2030, we are projected to warm the Earth 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit. This global warming has effected the following:

  • Worsened extreme weather events
  • Massive pieces of ice are breaking apart in chunks larger than ever seen before
  • Wildfire season is months longer
  • Coral reefs have been bleached of their colors (losing this habitat directly affects the sea creatures that live off them!)
  • Misquotes are covering more area, in turn, spreading more diseases

These are just a few effects from the warming of the planet. According to environmental         scientists, if we don’t start making sweeping lifestyle changes within eight years, the damage is irreversible.[1] Only EIGHT years.

5. Boost Your Home’s Value

It’s a lesser known fact that by adding solar panels to the home, a homeowner can increase the property value. A study done by the Lawrence National Laboratory revealed and increase in value of approximately, “$5,911 for each kilowatt of solar power installed…and another estimated increase of 4.1% of the home’s value.”[1] In another study conducted by Zillow, they found that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more than those without.2

 6. Joining the National Solar Movement

If it feels like almost everyone and their brother is going solar, that’s because they are! In 2021 alone, the U.S. installed enough solar power to electrify 23.3 million American homes.”[2] There’s a reason why so many of your neighbors are going green! They may have been eligible to reap the benefits of a tax credit (ITC), a federal policy, which allows homeowners to deduct some of their solar installation cost from their taxes. To learn if you qualify for the ITC, check out our blog, The ITC Explained. These types of savings are happening in neighborhoods just like your own, and you don’t want to be the last person on the block to go solar.[3]

 7. Momentum is the Best Choice for Home Solar

Momentum Solar is your go-to team for making the switch from outdated dirty energy to clean power! With dedicated, hands-on solar experts in offices across the country, we are ready and excited to take on your project. Founded in 2009, Momentum has quickly become one of the largest solar companies in the industry.

There’s another reason why homeowners across the country are switching to solar with Momentum. When you become a part of the Momentum family, you can earn EXTRA CASH after a referred friend or loved ones completes their installation. To learn more, click the “Free Quote” button above.

*Subject to applicable terms and conditions. Eligibility and savings are determined by municipal utility, roof condition and roof space, azimuth, tree location, shading, weather and other factors.


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[5] https://www.seia.org/initiatives/solar-investment-tax-credit-itc

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