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A Brighter Alternative to the Utility Company

A Brighter Alternative to the Utility Company


Energy prices continue to rise leaving US homeowners to witness all-time high prices coupled with too-frequent blackouts. Duke Energy, one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States, serves millions of customers across the Southeast and Midwest [1]. Their recent rate hikes and frequent blackouts are taking a toll on consumers who rely heavily on the grid.

We’re here to shed light on how solar power can be a sustainable alternative, enabling you to save on monthly electricity bills and ensuring a continuous power supply even during grid blackouts when you opt for a solar energy storage system as well. Furthermore, we explore how Momentum Solar prides itself on being a reliable partner in your transition to solar, assisting you in taking a step toward a greener and more financially secure future.

Eager to break free from the grip of utility rate hikes and outages? Dial 1-888-MOMENTUM or click on the “Free Quote” button above, and let’s talk about how switching to solar can put the power back in your hands!

The Rising Storm: Duke Energy’s Rate Hikes and Blackouts

For residents served by Duke Energy, the rising energy rates have become a significant concern. The company has proposed an 18.7% rate hike over three years [8], leaving many customers worried about how this will impact their monthly budget. 

Additionally, Duke Energy customers are increasingly facing blackouts. Already this June, storms knocked out power for nearly 3,000 customers and nearly 56,000 customers faced the same issue this March [2, 9]. Duke Energy’s strategy for 2023 seems to focus on rate increases and blackouts, which is raising eyebrows among experts and consumer advocates. The NRDC reports that the company’s long-term strategy may not be in the best interest of consumers, as it heavily relies on rate hikes to support its investments [4].

Shining a Light on Solar as a Solution

Switching to solar power can be a game-changer for those struggling with rising energy costs and frequent blackouts. Solar panels can drastically reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill. Additionally, having a solar-powered system can keep your home energized during grid blackouts. When the grid is down, homes with solar panels and battery backup can still be consuming and producing energy [5].

Switching to off-grid living is a breeze with Momentum Solar. Thanks to our collaboration with Enphase, you’ll have access to purchase an intuitive backup power storage system. This ensures your essential appliances keep running seamlessly while also shrinking your carbon footprint. During power outages, your home won’t miss a beat – effortlessly drawing energy from the storage system and continuing to accumulate energy during the daytime.

Fed up with high utility bills and power outages? Call 1-888-MOMENTUM or click on the “Free Quote” button at the top of your screen to explore how solar energy can not only save you money but keep the lights on when the grid goes down!

Financial Savings with Momentum

The financial benefits of switching to solar can be significant. By installing solar panels, homeowners can save a substantial amount on their electric bills [7]. These savings can be used in various ways, such as investing in home improvement projects, taking a family vacation or simply saving for the future.

Momentum Solar stands as a reliable partner for those looking to switch to solar power. With our high-quality solar panels and expert installation, we can ensure you harness the sun’s energy efficiently. We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer tailored solar plans and pricing options to fit a diverse range of energy needs and budgets. 

Take Control of Your Energy Future

Instead of being subject to the whims of utility companies and their increasing rates, take control of your energy future. Opting for solar power not only shields you from rate hikes but also contributes to a more sustainable environment. Join the solar revolution with Momentum Solar and take the first step towards energy independence and a brighter future.

Momentum Solar can assist homeowners in breaking free from the burdens of utility rate increases and blackouts. Our customized approach ensures that you get the most efficient and cost-effective solar solution for your home. With an array of flexible financing options, we make clean, renewable energy accessible and affordable for all.

Inspired to join the renewable energy movement and shield yourself from unpredictable utility costs? Get in touch at 1-888-MOMENTUM for a greener, more resilient energy future!


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