Case Study: Going Solar with Momentum in Massachusetts - Momentum Solar
Case Study: Going Solar with Momentum in Massachusetts

Case Study: Going Solar with Momentum in Massachusetts

Customer Testimonials


Joseph Rich had been living in his Whitinsville, MA home for a year when he enlisted Momentum Solar’s help in going solar. With electricity prices soaring, homeowners across the country are finding ways to cut out the utility companies and Rich says these increases drove him to make the switch. 

“I’ve always been interested in solar,” said Rich, “and now, with the electrical prices going up, it was even more of a decision to say let’s finally go ahead and make the jump and actually be serious.”

Rich weighed his options when determining which solar provider to go with but ultimately chose Momentum after a six-hour sales meeting with a Momentum Solar expert. “When I called Momentum, [the sales rep] was very personal, took his time and sat down with me,” says Rich. “He spent probably six hours walking me through any questions I had. He was very down to Earth and didn’t come off pushy at all.”

The Installation

In one day, the project foreman Joel Carillo Montes and his team installed 50 Q Cell400 Hanwha solar panels with Enphase IQ8+ inverters on Rich’s property. Totaling 20.0 kWh, Rich’s system was able to provide him with a substantial amount of energy offset. 

The installation process was quick and thorough, and Rich was thrilled with the work completed by the Momentum field operations team. Montes took great care to ensure that each step in the installation process was completed following Momentum’s high standards, saying “Every house I do, I work on as if it were my own. So I make sure everything is going the right way. And for that job in particular, he was a great guy. It was very easy to work with him.”

Customer Experience

Rich was impressed by the communication and level of support he received from Momentum Solar throughout the entire process saying, “There were questions along the way, but I’ve been in constant communication with them…. The process has been pretty straightforward for me.”

Rich said he appreciated the prompt and helpful communication from Momentum Solar and that it made the entire process simple and swift for him.

 “Anytime I had a question, my sales rep would say ‘Go ahead and reach out to [the team] directly.’ I would reach out to him and he would answer within the day, sometimes in a matter of minutes.”

Rich said his experience of Momentum had been nothing short of exemplary,  citing communication as a highlight. “You guys have all been very helpful anytime I try to talk to anybody, everybody picks up pretty quickly, or if not, they get back to me right away. I can’t appreciate you guys enough for overemphasizing communication and that’s a huge thing.”

Going Solar in Massachusetts

Massachusetts offers many opportunities to save money in your transition to solar power. The state has helpful incentives such as net metering to make switching to solar more affordable and homeowners can also claim the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

Net metering in Massachusetts is a billing arrangement between solar panel owners and utility companies that allows homeowners with solar systems to receive credit for the excess energy they generate. When your system produces more energy than you need, the excess power is sent back to the grid. In return, you earn credits that can be applied to your future utility bills.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal tax incentive designed to promote the adoption of solar energy systems across the United States, including Massachusetts. This credit allows homeowners who install solar panels on their property to claim up to 30% of installation costs as a credit on their federal income taxes. 

Many Massachusetts homeowners can use these incentives not only to help reduce the overall cost of solar systems and the incentives also to encourage more homeowners to invest in renewable energy solutions. For more information about net metering in Massachusetts, you can visit’s Net Metering Guide. For more info on the ITC, you can visit our blog post Everything You Need to Know About the Inflation Reduction Act.

Momentum’s Impact

“My favorite part of the job is when the customer sees the panels and when they’re happy when they see their meter running backward. They get so happy!” 

Joel Carillo Montes, Foreman

With the help of Momentum Solar, Joseph Rich was able to make the switch to renewable energy and take a step toward eliminating his high summer electric bills. Rich was pleased with the support he received from the team at Momentum Solar and the quality of the installation exceeded his expectations. Momentum Solar prides itself on our customer care, communication and attention to detail. It’s people like Montes that make our team so special and customers like Rich who make it all worthwhile.

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