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How to Save on Your Electric Bill Despite the Constant Price Spikes

How to Save on Your Electric Bill Despite the Constant Price Spikes

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In Jacksonville, homeowners just like you are facing an increase in their energy bills after a major electric company raised its base cost. This can be an overwhelming concern for households struggling financially and for those just looking to make their dollar last. However, there are ways to reduce energy costs and save money. Momentum Solar is here to share some practical energy-saving tips you can implement to start saving money.

This week, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) board voted unanimously to raise the “base rate” portion of electric bills for its residents. JEA, says “their goal is to continually plan for reliable, affordable, and sustainable services for the community.” However, these bill increases will affect thousands of homeowners across the Jacksonville area [1].

Effective this April, the price spike could increase the rates from $5.50 per person to $15 per person. This increase will be their first in 30 years, with a JEA spokesperson telling Jacksonville’s First Coast News that the increase will provide them “with stability and our revenue that will allow us to serve customers long term” [1].

With natural gas costs around the world at highs, electric bills around the U.S. everywhere are taking hits. JEA cites the reason for this price hike as increased fuel costs on their end. The JEA rate increase will negatively impact homeowners who use less electricity and are more thrifty by increasing their monthly bills [2].

The solution? A cleaner and more affordable alternative to relying on power companies and natural gas usage is solar power! Get started today by clicking the “FREE QUOTE” button at the top of the page.

How can solar panels help you?

Investing in solar panels is investing in your future, both environmentally and economically. Oil prices are at all-time highs and utility companies around the U.S. are raising rates for homeownersー this isn’t just happening in Jacksonville. Going solar has many cost-saving benefits but it’s important to know that it will take time for you to see those savings. When you switch, you can reduce your electricity bills and minimize the impact of these rate adjustments.

Upfront costs for solar panels are lower than ever before! In the last 10 years, they have dropped by an average of 60%. The average cost right now is $20,000 for a system but depending on variables like storage and amount of panels, you could pay more, or a lot less [3].

A payback period is the amount of time it takes for your solar panels to make up for their initial cost. After you buy your panels and make it past the payback period (which can be as short as six years), you can start saving a lot of money with solar [3].

For more information on how solar can save you money in the long run, visit this blog where we break down upfront costs, payback periods, the solar tax credit and more.

If you’re in a situation like Jacksonville homeowners are in now, there are two great options when it comes to solar. You can go completely off-grid and cut ties with utility companies when you purchase battery storage, or you can stay grid-tied and no longer rely on utility companies for power, but stay connected when you need it.

Going off-grid

Going off-grid means you are fully in control. You no longer pull energy from the grid and are self-sustaining. Great for people who want full autonomy and freedom from utility companies like JEA, it offers self-reliance and independence. The best way to achieve living off the grid is through the purchase of battery storage solutions, which we offer via our exclusive partnership with Enphase. 

Going off-grid is a great option because you won’t be affected if the grid goes down! Having solar and storage has saved so many homeowners this season from winter storms. You can check out our blog, How Solar Can Protect from Power Outages to learn more about how panels can keep you safe during hazardous weather.

Obviously, the key to being able to go off-grid is power storage. When you go off-grid, you should have a way to store collected energy so that in the event of a power outage, you can keep chugging along for days or even weeks. When everyone in your neighborhood is out of power, you’ll be pulling energy from your batteries and still collecting energy from the sun.

With Momentum Solar’s Enphase program, there are many storage options to choose from. This program allows homeowners to store excess solar energy produced during the day for use during power outages or during peak energy usage times. This can help homeowners avoid peak energy rates and reduce their overall energy bills. With the unpredictable weather patterns in Jacksonville, having a backup source of energy is crucial, and the Enphase program can provide homeowners with peace of mind and significant savings.

To learn more about Enphase and talk to a local sales representative, call 1-888-MOMENTUM today!

Staying grid-tied

Staying grid-tied means your home is connected to power provided by the utility company and your solar panels at the same time. Your home will draw power from your panels, but when you run out it will draw power from the grid to compensate.

This is an option for people who want to supplement their utility bills by getting most of their power from the sun, but don’t want to install the larger storage options for their homes. A grid-tied homeowner will have utility bills, but they can be a lot lower, or even nonexistent in sunnier months after your system is up and running.

If you’re from Jacksonville, this would mean that you can draw power from the sun, but on a cloudy day, if you don’t have enough banked, your local power company will have your back.

How to get started

The issues faced by the Jacksonville community are the same millions of homeowners around the U.S. are dealing with since natural gas and energy prices are rising higher and higher. Going solar can help you put more money back into your pocket by helping you break away from the grid 一 either completely or partially.

Rising energy bills can be a major concern for homeowners, but there are ways to cut costs and save money. By making the switch to solar, Jacksonville residents can reduce their energy bills and live more sustainably. Moreover, investing in renewable energy sources like solar panels can also help homeowners to become more energy-independent and save money in the long run. With these simple measures, homeowners can take control of their energy usage and reduce their monthly bills.

Going solar will save you so much money in the long run, and we didn’t even get into the positive environmental impact it can have. Ready for lower energy bills? Call 1-888-MOMENTUM!

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