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Why Going Solar Is Your First Step Toward a Sustainable Future

Why Going Solar Is Your First Step Toward a Sustainable Future

Alternative Energy

Concerns about climate change continue to escalate and as a homeowner in the United States, you could play a significant role in reducing your impact. It’s becoming evident that personal actions can create ripples of positive change. A major component of this change revolves around our energy consumption habits. Homeowners across the US are getting solar and some people are transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), but which is better for the environment and your wallet?

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Immediate Environmental Impact

While EVs substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the electricity they consume often comes from non-renewable sources [1]. When an EV charges from a grid that relies heavily on fossil fuels, it still indirectly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. However, by transitioning to solar energy, homeowners can ensure that their EVs are fueled by clean, green power. 

In combination, solar and EVs represent a holistic approach to sustainability. Investing in solar panels guarantees that every mile driven in an EV is a step toward a greener future. By installing solar panels first, you ensure that your EV runs on clean energy, amplifying its environmental benefits [2].

Economic Savings

When you combine solar panels with electric vehicles, you double down on savings. Solar panels can significantly cut down your electricity bills. When you add an EV into the mix, those savings expand as you’re no longer dependent on fluctuating gasoline prices. 

As more households adopt EVs, the strain on the grid intensifies, potentially leading to surging electricity costs. Homeowners can get ahead of this trend by generating their own electricity with solar panels. By doing so, they not only insulate themselves from potential price hikes but also ensure a reliable, sustainable energy source for their vehicles [2].

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The Right Time for Solar 

Waiting for further technology advancements or price drops in the solar industry might seem tempting, but there’s a significant cost to waiting. The earlier you invest in solar, the sooner you start saving on electricity bills. =

There are also time-sensitive incentives that can significantly lower the cost of installation: the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Currently, the ITC allows homeowners to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes, making solar more affordable. However, this generous tax credit won’t be available indefinitely. The ITC rate is scheduled to decrease incrementally in the coming years before potentially settling at a permanent 10% for commercial installations, with no credit for residential installations. With such a compelling financial incentive on the line, now is the ideal time for homeowners to make the transition to solar. Delaying the decision could mean missing out on thousands of dollars in potential savings [4]. To see more about incentives in your area check out our coverage areas!

Why Choose Momentum Solar?

At Momentum Solar, we believe in the potential of solar energy to reshape our world. Our commitment isn’t just about providing renewable energy; it’s about offering homeowners a chance to play their part in building a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our team of experts ensures a seamless transition to solar, guiding you through every step – from the initial consultation to the installation. Our high-quality materials and impeccable customer service mean you’re not just getting a solar panel system; you’re getting a partnership for a greener tomorrow.

Why wait? With incentives and the undeniable long-term savings of solar energy, now is the perfect time to begin your journey to sustainability. Remember, the road to a green future starts on your rooftop.


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